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Desert Riders MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the latest game released by SayGames. With huge amounts of money, you can use them for unlocking and equip the most advanced weapons. Help beat the crazy cars chasing you easily.

Introducing Desert Riders

Perhaps many of you already know the game Johnny Trigger or Blend It 3D. These are popular titles released by SayGames. These entertaining action games often attract a large audience. And so is the Desert Riders, a shooting game with interesting action scenes that are attracted by the gameplay and the simple graphics that it brings. Currently, this game is being supported on Android and iOS platforms, allowing users to download completely free.


The control mechanism of Desert Riders is very simple. Players will be able to drive a car equipped with guns. Shoot the guys trying to chase, destroy the whole car, and kill the leader, then you will pass the game level and continue to the next challenge. However, players should not be too subjective to the enemy. Because they will also use weapons against you. Vehicles equipped with guns and spearheads can destroy your vehicle at any time. Therefore, try to defeat the enemy before they hurt you.

Unlock and upgrade

After participating in the battle, players will receive some money and experience points. Use the money to unlock new Skins for your vehicle. Players can collect cars through the game experience process. Moreover, there are many details to change your vehicle. Some details like wheels, bumpers, pipes, engines…


The graphics of the Desert Riders are similar in style to previous games of SayGames. With the design of characters and means of fighting in cute and eye-catching. Moreover, the sound system is also extremely interesting with sound and vibration system when shooting. It can be said that the graphics and sound of this game are quite good, suitable for weak configuration devices. Help many players can easily download and experience the game.

Desert Riders MOD APK version

With the Desert Riders MOD APK version, players will be offered a huge amount of money. Making upgrading and unlocking cars easier.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: Players will have a huge amount of money.


If you are looking for an entertaining game for the weekend, Desert Riders MOD APK is a reasonable choice. For those who love the light entertainment game. Although it is an action game, the stages only last for 2-3 minutes. Does not take up much of your time. Now it’s time to download the game to your Android phone. Players can choose the version and manual installation of Desert Riders MOD via the APK file we provide below the article.

Download Desert Riders MOD APK latest on Android

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