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Dev Tycoon Inc MOD APK v2.9.17 (Unlimited Money/Points/Research)

Dev Tycoon Inc MOD APK v2.9.17 (Unlimited Money/Points/Research)

Updated: 22-04-2024 (3 months ago)
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Dev Tycoon Inc
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Unlimited Money/Points/Research
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About Dev Tycoon Inc MOD APK

Do you want to fulfill your own entrepreneurial dream? Tested it in Dev Tycoon Inc MOD APK. The game belongs to the genre of very realistic simulation of startup missions. Players start with empty hands and have to do it all by themselves. There are many fields for you to choose from to start a business. Currently, the technology industry is the hottest industry and promises to bring a huge source of income. Not long after starting a business, your first products receive support. Soon you have your own office, your own company. Hire more employees and form a team that produces more innovative products. Don’t be afraid to try, unleash your creativity.

Programming, creating applications, games

Players will start their career alone. As a tech student, you’ve always had a passion for trying your hand at creating websites, apps, games, etc. Dev Tycoon Inc. Idle Simulator will guide you how to do it. However, the main dependence remains on the player’s efforts. You need to decode the lines of code yourself, understand how to run a program. Gradually improve skills, accumulate experience. When reaching a certain level, users can choose the first product they launch on the market. Many genres of games or applications have many themes for you to choose from.

Expand your office

Initially, when you start programming and designing games, you do it right in your living room. But later when you need a room to house a larger server, you put it in the garage. That is not the end because players still have the opportunity to develop further. Until you have rented an office of your own. Manually arrange your rooms, the company’s furniture. You must provide adequate workplace to retain your employees. Create a healthy office environment.

Recruiting personnel and forming a team

As a leader, you need to lead your employees in the right direction. Input selection is a very important job. Post job vacancies and receive tons of CVs. Like a true business owner, you need to read each person’s information to know if they are a good fit for the position you are hiring for? Then decided to get them and form the team. When working in large groups, players come up with better quality products. From there, attract many customers and bring in huge revenue.

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