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DEVCRO 22 MOD APK is a very good and attractive football management simulation game. The latest MOD APK version of DEVCRO 22 has been updated by us below this article, use the MOD version to get huge benefits.


So far, football has always maintained its position – as a king sport. The attraction of football in modern society is indisputable.

Watching your favorite club every weekend, enjoying football, and relaxing after a stressful working week is one of the indispensable pleasures of many people. But sometimes, your favorite football club stumbles against weaker opponents, making you even more stressed. At that time, many people will think that the team leader is weak, but have you ever thought about how complicated the behind-the-scenes work is?

DEVCRO 22 is one of those games that allows you to understand the behind-the-scenes of football. It simulates relatively accurately the processes in modern football such as squad building, transfer, tactical workshop…

DEVCRO 22 has a diverse collection of European players and the most famous teams in the world such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barca… Thanks to that, players can build any squad of many of Europe’s most famous teams if they want.

Huge collection of players

In DEVCRO 22, the players are represented as cards and associated parameters.

The world’s most famous players are regularly updated by DEVCRO 22 and added to the game’s collection. If you’ve ever experienced the results of FIFA’s soccer game series such as FIFA Online 3(4), FIFA 2018, 2019, MAD FUT 22… then surely it is no longer strange with the stats of a player in DEVCRO 22.

DEVCRO 22 MOD APK Unlimited Money

If you have never played through the above titles, simply understand that a player will have scores to evaluate their quality. These scores depend on the player’s kicking position on the field. If the player kicks in the striker position, the number of shots will be very important. If this explanation is too confusing and confusing, then just looking at the overall score will immediately assess the quality of that player. One of the highest scorers in DEVCRO 22 is Cristiano Ronaldo with 99 points, Lionel Messi with 95 points, De Gea with 97 points…

But you will have to play a lot of games and work really hard to be financially able to own good players. To do that, you must have knowledge of player transfers.

Soccer player transfer feature

Transferring a player is simply that you buy a player from another team to serve your club.

But transfers are often very expensive and take up most of the season’s revenue, so you have to work with caution. Carefully analyze what position your team is missing and whether the person in the transfer target is suitable both professionally and financially. Like reality, DEVCRO 22 also only has transfer seasons after each football season.

So subtle and smart in the transfer of players will quickly elevate your team to new heights.

Your own club

Building your own club and participating in the top leagues in the world is the dream of many people. In reality, you have to spend a lot of money to fulfill this dream, and it is simply impossible for an ordinary person. But with DEVCRO 22, you can easily experience this dream.

Team building

If you watch football, you will surely have an understanding of the formations in a match. Similar to reality, DEVCRO 22 also allows you to build formations such as 4-3-3, 4-3-2-1, 3-5-2,… depending on your tactical scheme. want to deploy to the game.


The tactical chart is one of the difficult elements and takes a long time to understand and use effectively. If you have an effective strategy, you will win against teams with a much higher total squad value.

Graphics and layout

DEVCRO 22 is a football management game so there is not too much to say about the graphics. Overall, DEVCRO 22 has a simple but clear, coherent layout and dark, soothing colors. Allows you to play for a long time without eye strain.

To understand football more deeply, understand the tasks that every professional club needs to solve, DEVCRO 22 is one of the games that help you experience that. What are you waiting for without downloading DEVCRO 22 at the link below the article and experience it right now?

Download DEVCRO 22 MOD APK for Android

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