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Dice Dreams MOD APK v1.79.0.20404 (Unlimited Rolls)

Dice Dreams MOD APK v1.79.0.20404 (Unlimited Rolls)

Updated: 30-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Dice Dreams
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Are you bored and have no interest in the repetitive killing and fighting games? So Dice Dreams Mod APK is definitely the game you are looking for. This is a board game with attractive gameplay that will surely make your free time more interesting.

About Dice Dreams MOD APK

Dice Dreams is a game from the developer SuperPlay, released as a board game. If you still haven’t figured out what game Dice Dreams is, you can think of Coin Master – an extremely popular game a while back on Facebook. Dice Dreams also has similar gameplay to that game. When you participate in Dice Dreams, you will play dice on a magical chessboard, build a kingdom, and do dozens of other actions throughout your journey. Sounds very interesting, right? Hurry up and join Dice Dreams now!

Fascinating storyline

Before starting the adventure you must learn the plot of the game. Dice Dreams tells the story of Bob, which begins when he returns to the kingdom after a long journey to visit the Pirate King. But unfortunately, when he got home, Bob witnessed the scene of his beloved home being violently attacked. Not only the house but the whole kingdom fell into ruins after the battle. Unable to contain his anger, Bob gathered his army and rolled the dice to confront the enemy head-on. This journey of Bob is not only meant for revenge but also to rebuild his beloved kingdom.

Start the adventure

Dice Dreams is a game for many ages, so its gameplay is not too complicated. Starting the game you will be rolled the dice to draw items. There are up to 50 dice tosses, you just have to press the big red button in the middle to have the three dice roll. Each time you roll you will receive many different items such as gold coins (the amount depends on the number of faces of the dice). The maximum reward will be when you roll three identical dice. Especially if you roll 3 question mark dice, you will receive a random card. In that card will contain a different battle character. You can use that character to conquer other people’s kingdoms.

When you roll the dice, turn on the bonus multiplier so you can maximize your every spin. You can enable multipliers from x1, x2, x5, x10 or more. Although the reward multiplier is enabled, the price per toss will be higher, but in return, it also ensures that the number of rewards you receive will be much larger. Do you know what if you’re lucky?

Let’s earn a lot of gold

When playing Dice Dreams, the most important thing is gold. With gold, you can do everything, participate in battles, build kingdoms, etc. So the first goal is to earn a lot of gold. Rolling the dice will earn you more gold but it is limited to 50 dice rolls. If you run out of those 50, you’ll have to wait a while for the reels to regenerate. Or you can take a quick look at an ad to increase the number of tosses. Or if you have a strong army, you can send them to steal or order attacks on other people’s kingdoms.

Build your dream kingdom

This is one of the main missions of Dice Dreams. There are many kingdoms in this game, when you finish building a kingdom, you have the right to unlock a new kingdom and continue to build them. There are many splendid buildings waiting for you to build, castles, huge central structures.

Stickers collection

Especially when you open and build to the 3rd kingdom, Dice Dreams will give you more sticker packs. You will complete those tasks and receive rewards (usually you will get an increase in a dice roll). Sticker packs are sold in stores, the more expensive the pack, the more likely you are to get more stickers. Luckily, you also get high-level cards.

However, when your sticker collection is almost full, you need to be even more careful in purchasing sticker packs. This will help you avoid pouring too much money without receiving the stickers you are missing. For example, if you only have one crown sticker missing, don’t waste money buying the high-end multi-sticker package, buy the lower-priced packages. The number of crowns included in the stickers will help you upgrade the card. This will increase your fighting power and make it much easier to attack other kingdoms.

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