Join racing in Dirt Bike Unchained MOD APK to experience every challenge. This can be said is an extremely interesting and attractive sports game genre for those who love adventure. Built and released by Red Bull Apps, the game quickly gained recognition. Are you ready to join the locust racing game and show off your skills?

Overview information

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MOD FeaturesHack Speed
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Dirt Bike Unchained MOD APK

MOD feature

  • Unlock Speed: With the MOD Speed ​​feature, you can increase the speed of the bike so you can accelerate quickly to overcome all opponents.

Certainly, many of us already know Red Bull is a famous energy drink company. Reb Bull has been successful in the market of energy drinks thanks to its worldwide distribution network. Red Bull is available at convenient locations such as supermarkets, convenience stores, retail stores, or even nightclubs, bars, and casinos. In addition, Reb Bull also acquired many professional soccer teams in several countries in Europe. Especially invest in a private team in the Formula One race.

Because of brand promotion criteria, the company has focused on investing in the sports industry. Not only that, but the sports game is also a topic that the company cannot ignore. With its own app store, Red Bull Apps brings sports games for enthusiasts. One of them is Dirt Bike Unchained, which is one of my favorite games. This terrain bike racing game challenges players by adventurous roads.


Dirt Bike Unchained MOD APK

Unlike the roads in Asphalt, the track in Dirt Bike Unchained is challenging. Start the race with a few suggestions for newbies. Join the track, by pressing the touch screen, the car rushes forward. With a single control button, players need to handle speed on flat or sloping roads.

On the track, there will be roads that make the player sweat. Slippery sandy beaches can also cause you to slip off the track. Controlling the speed appropriately also helps you escape the deadly abyss. On bends, blue lines appear like Nitro on Asphalt. By touching the screen, your terrain vehicle can accelerate significantly. Take advantage of the arrival of Nitro to accelerate the car to overcome the opponent.

Upgrade and unlock

Dirt Bike Unchained offers more than 20 terrain vehicles to help players unlock and experience. With many customizable and incredible upgrades. Players can tune their racing cars and riders with some of the largest motorcycle brands in the world. Includes equipment from KTM BIKE INDUSTRIES, Leatt, Thor, 100%, Alpinestars and KINI. In order for the car to run smoothly, players need regular car maintenance. By upgrading the engine parameters make the car more durable on the track.

Racing cars can be upgraded in two ways. The first is to use cash (in the game) to upgrade different parts of the bike. There are four parts: engine, tires, suspension, and transmission. The engine improves your top speed but makes the bike harder to control. Tires improve your grip, helping you in moving and climbing. Suspension makes landing easier and protects your speed better. Finally, the transmission makes your bike accelerate faster. The second way is to collect tokens for bicycles and use them to rate it. Each rank achieves improved all bicycle stats at the same time.

Adapting to difficult terrain

Dirt Bike Unchained MOD APK

You will compete with other players on challenging racing tracks. Team up with up to 24 players to complete quests and get rewards. Dirt Bike Unchained maps are very diverse, allowing players to explore new routes with beautifully designed landscapes as authentically as possible. Sand desert either on a rocky mountain or maybe on a long road.

In general, the desert is the easiest terrain, compared to the forests it is only slightly harder. Mud and water can slow down your bike. Your jumping time becomes more important here. Get a variety of bicycles to expand your options and make completing collaborative tasks easier. Higher co-op missions have good rewards, but you need a dedicated team to tackle tougher tasks.

You will be in a real race with the actual Red Bull athletes. Moreover, the effects included in the game are also designed in a subtle, detailed way. Details of dust, sun, and wind in the desert are also completely designed based on reality. It brings extremely great experience to players. It’s rare to see a mobile game with such an authentic design.

Dirt Bike Unchained MOD APK version

To achieve the maximum speed, players need to accelerate reasonably. However, it will be difficult for your vehicle to accelerate without enough power. Understanding the wishes of gamers, we have created a MOD (Unlock Speed) version to help players get the desired speed. Players can easily turn on the MOD feature in the MOD menu of the game. However, make sure your device grants application access.


Above is what we have drawn from practical experience. With an exciting sports racing game from a famous energy company Red Bull, it will definitely make you hard to ignore. Moreover, the sound graphics system is also extremely realistic, very few sports car racing games can be achieved. What are you waiting for? Accelerate and test your mettle with Dirt Bike Unchained!

Dirt Bike Unchained is currently available in all major app stores. Just launched, the app has achieved more than 50,000 installs on Google Play. Players can easily download through Google Play. However, the MOD version of Dirt Bike Unchained will not be officially released. Select a link and click the Download button to install manually.

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