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Disney Wonderful Worlds MOD APK is a Math3 strategy game for ages 3+. Coming to this game, players will be immersed in the cartoon world with dozens of world-famous characters such as Mickey, Belle, McQueen… and solve familiar Math 3 puzzles.

About Disney Wonderful Worlds MOD APK

Disney Wonderful Worlds MOD APK

Being accompanied by idols like Minnie, Mickey, and McQueen in a fairy tale world is the dream of any child in the world. Now, children can make this wish with their own phone of the Disney Wonderful Worlds game. Not only Minnie but Jasmine or Bo Peep, Cinderella also appeared. With Math 3 matches, children can build whole parks, even giant castles like in fairy tales. The graphics and sound of Disney Wonderful Worlds are also very shimmering, exalting the beauty of the magnificent castles. Learn more about this game in the article below.

The familiar Math 3 gameplay

If you’ve ever played legendary games in the Match 3 genre like Candy Crush saga or Zombie Puzzle, then it’s no longer strange about the gameplay of this game genre. The gameplay of Disney Wonderful Worlds has many similarities with its predecessors. There is only a slight difference in the special support items.

The rules of Disney Wonderful Worlds are simple. In the game, you have to combine balloons of the same shape and color into row 3, column 3, row 4, column 4, or more. When rows and columns are created according to that principle, you will gain points and those items. A striped balloon will deal much larger damage (the entire row or column contains it), it will appear if you eat 4 of the same items.

Disney Wonderful Worlds MOD APK download

A screen in Disney Wonderful Worlds often has challenges in both the number of turns and the number of balloons earned, later on, there are many more strange and difficult challenges. If you finish before using all the turns in that level, the remaining turns will turn the balloons into special shapes (usual balloons with vertical or horizontal stripes) and activate them to get more points. Each completed level earns money, the children can use this money to build the park and palace of their dreams.

Disney Wonderful Worlds Game Rules

Like in Candy Crush Saga, Disney Wonderful Worlds also has combination rules to create special, more destructive balloons. Star-spotted balloons are combined from identical balloons in an L or T shape. With the effect of destroying an area of ​​​​5×5. The balloon has three horizontal lines of red, yellow, and purple, combined from the same matching balloons according to the rule of 5 balls in a row or column. Using this special ball is also very simple. You need to choose the type of ball you want to remove from the table, if it is around the other special ball then you just need to swap it with the special ball. All balloons of the same type on the board will explode.

If you are stuck in solving the given screen problem, pay attention to the support items on the right. Water pipes, darts, and hands are 3 items that support the player in the first levels. But these items are very rare, consider using them only in the most difficult situations.

Beautiful graphics, impressive shimmering 3D images

Disney Wonderful Worlds MOD APK for Android

Disney Wonderful Worlds has very beautiful and clear graphics, suitable for all children from 3+, so parents can completely let their children play to train their thinking. Characters like Minnie, Mickey… are all taken from cartoons. So it will create sympathy. Help children feel that they are accompanied by their idols in each story.

Sweet sound

The soundtrack of Disney Wonderful Worlds is the sweetest piano and violin mixes. The music is soothing and relaxing, not rushed. Music is an extremely effective remedy for anxiety, sadness, and stress. If you’ve had a stressful time at school, just relax and enjoy the music in Disney Wonderful Worlds.

Build your dream kingdom

Every time you pass a challenge, the player will be given a little bonus. Accumulating this money, you will build large buildings, gradually building up your own fairy world. A game that not only trains intelligence but is also a perfect tool to help relieve stress and stress after tiring school hours, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for without downloading this game to your device right away?

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