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Mod Info?

Mod v1:

  • Increase lights
  • Increase shaders
  • Increase shaders V2
  • World chams
  • Walking ragdoll
  • Walking ragdoll V2 + wallhack
  • Wallhack
  • Speedhack type 1 (3 features)
  • Speedhack type 2 (3 features)
  • Freeze walking position
  • Freeze walking position V2
  • Fly snake mode
  • 2D legs (Restart character)
  • 2D body (Restart character)
  • Fly superman mode
  • Freeze camera position…

Mod v2:

Menu: 60+ Features
– Wallhack
– Godmode
– Teleport
– Teleport [touch The Wall]
– Explode Mode
– Player Falls When Jumping
– Get Out Off Prison
– Make Laggy Your Enemies
– Bunny Hope
– Reverse Walking
– Remove Walking Animation
– Freeze Screen

[fly & Jump Menu]
– Fly
– Multipe Jump
– Low Jump
– Normal Jump
– High Jump
– Mega Jump
– Sky Jump

[speed Menu]
– Forward Speed
– Backward Speed

[world Menu]
– Dark Mode
– Increase Map Light
– Chams
– Chams V2
– X-ray

[map Colors]
– Red Map
– Blue Map
– Green Map
– Purple Map
– Yellow Map

Mod v3:

Menu: 30+ Features

-HDR Graphics
-Multi Jumps
-Superman Fly
-Fly Hold
-Out Of Prison
-Increase Light v1/v2
-Lock POV
-Jump Modifier
-Speed Lock Forward
-Speed Lock Backward
-Bunny Hope
-No Gravity
-Lag Opponents
-Walk Animation
+Many More

Download FAQs

To install an XAPK, APKs, APKM, and OBB file, you must first have XAPKS Installer installed. The XAPKS Installer is available on MODDER.ME. Download here!

If you uninstall the old version before installing the new one, you will lose all your data. To preserve your data, never uninstall old versions. Just install the new version overriding it.

We always do thorough testing before posting games and apps. Please read carefully before the instructions that include “MOD info or MOD Description” in the content. If it still doesn’t work, report it back to us.

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