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We’re all heroes of our own stories. But as much as we’d like to, we can’t actually be slaying monsters and devils in real life, which is why we need fantasy games – of which there is none more classic than DRAGON QUEST.


Created by Yuji Horii with characters designed by famed Manga artist Akira Toriyama, the video game franchise tells enduringly inspirational stories of heroes freeing faraway fantasy lands from sprawling darkness. It’s so hugely popular in Japan – and in fact around the world – that there’s an urban myth about how fans never fail to call in sick whenever there’s a new release.


Since its inception in 1986, 11 installments of the main series as well as a great many spinoffs and remakes have been published. The 27th of May, the date when the first game came out, is even recognised by its developer SQUARE ENIX as the official ‘DRAGON QUEST DAY’.

For many, the title immediately recalls fond gaming memories and it’s no exaggeration to say that the DRAGON QUEST series has redefined Japanese RPG.

While each of its games boasts a unique setting and captivating story, there’s also a bunch of recurring elements that represent the signature DRAGON QUEST style. The beloved, droplet-shaped mascot Slime has become an icon among all monsters and when the characters cast their magic, there is always a holy circle featuring outlandish letters. Between the teleportation spell Ruura, the fire attack spell Mera and the ultimate lightning spell Gigadein that is reserved for the hero, the debate never ceases as to which would constitute the best use of hard-earned skill points.


Most importantly, there’s always a hero we root for, who sets the tone for the story. Whether they’re just a random guy with a strong sense of justice or a prince of a conquered nation determined to take revenge, they’re all celebrated for their bravery and motivated by the challenges they face.

It’s not uncommon to feature a ‘chosen one’ in an RPG, but in DRAGON QUEST, marching on fearlessly is the key to defeating forces of evil, as opposed to superior talents or invincible strengths. Strive on, dragon warriors!

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