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DraStic DS Emulator APK is an Android software that helps to emulate Nintendo DS games quickly, accurately and stably that I have ever known. The latest APK Paid version of DraStic DS Emulator has been updated by us below the article.

Introducing DraStic DS Emulator APK

Have you ever wondered what devices people used to play video games before computers and mobile phones were prevalent today? If you belong to the generation of people born before 2000, perhaps the name Nintendo is not too strange, even the childhood of many people. Games on Nintendo are often very attractive and addictive. Popular names can be mentioned such as Bayonetta 2, Super Mario or Donkey Kong. Currently, Nintendo Switch gaming devices are still on the market but they are not so popular anymore.

If you are a hardcore fan of the legendary games on Nintendo back in the day, or simply want to experience them again, DraStic DS Emulator is a good choice. DraStic DS Emulator is an emulator that runs on Android, users do not need to buy a Nintendo Switch anymore. It emulates the environment of the Nintendo console and does it even better. All games like Donkey Kong or Super Mario are built-in.

So how to use DraStic DS Emulator?

First, you need to download the DraStic DS Emulator installation file below our article and install it on your computer. Next, you need to download your favorite games on the Internet to your phone. Remember to select the correct Nintendo games. Go back to DraStic DS Emulator, select “Load New Game” then select the game you want. Since games last year used a 16bit color system, go to Options and turn on “16-Bit Rendering” for the best experience.

How to play without buttons like on Nintendo?

After running the game up, you will immediately see the virtual control key combination in DraStic DS Emulator. Just like on a real Nintendo, every virtual key combination has an L button, and R button. The set of moving buttons and the familiar “X, A, B, Y” buttons. The structure of the keys is the same as on the real machine, so you will quickly get used to it. In addition, if you want to change the position of the control key combinations, or change their size, you can go to Options.

In terms of screen size and display, DraStic DS Emulator does better than Nintendo many times. Players can change the size of the gaming screen as they please. The display on smartphones is definitely superior to the Nintendo consoles that came out more than 15 years ago, right? Not only that, but DraStic DS Emulator also has its own mode for 16bit games. That is the “16-Bit Rendering” mode I mentioned above. Thanks to that, the game has no lag phenomenon.

Save the game with Google Drive space

With DraStic DS Emulator, the publisher has cleverly used Google Drive space to store data. Thanks to that, you can continue to play even if you have completely exited the emulator and do not consume phone space. But this leads to the game asking for quite a lot of permissions such as voice recording, file storage and storage usage… But you can rest assured because this application is already available. hundreds of thousands of people download and use it on Google Play. Moreover, DraStic DS Emulator also received 4.5/5 stars after more than 115,000 reviews.

What about weak points?

There are already many advantages we have listed for you to see above. But of course, a way to emulate the game of consoles is difficult to completely perfect. With DraStic DS Emulator, there will be some weaknesses that you should consider.

DraStic DS Emulator is a completely private product and is not related to Nintendo in any way, so if there is an error during the game, you cannot go to Nintendo to ask. Also, when searching for and downloading games on the Internet, you should only use official backups of Nintendo DS games and only use verified official sources. Otherwise, it is very likely that crooks will trick you into downloading game versions with key logs or Trojans, then steal or worse, destroy your computer’s data.

Games that require Wifi or multiplayer cannot run on the DraStic DS Emulator software. This is also quite understandable because if Nintendo’s game servers receive strange signals from unknown sources, they will not grant permission and send data back. Fortunately, some of Nintendo’s best games are offline games.

Of course, if you can sympathize with the above weaknesses, DraStic DS Emulator is still considered one of the great software.

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