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Dream Park Story MOD APK is the next fun building game that Kairosoft released. The game has gentle, engaging gameplay suitable for your leisure moments.

About Dream Park Story MOD APK

Dream Park Story MOD APK

Following the success of Dream Town Story, Kairosoft continues to release a new game in its construction series called Dream Park Story. Still simple construction gameplay, this time it’s not about building a city but building a beautiful fun park right in the heart of the bustling city.

Build a beautiful, fun park

Your task this time will be to build a park that meets all the criteria: beautiful – unique – quality. Before building, you need to give your park a name. Give it any name you want, but don’t be too long. Then there will be a few scenes to help you understand more about the plot situation. If you haven’t played similar games like Dream Park Story, don’t worry. Because initially, the game will guide you to use simple features, moreover you do not have to build alone because there is also a companion Rhonda Coaster. She is a loyal and passionate friend, ready to help you in anything.

After building a certain structure, your park will be open to attract tourists. However, a building cannot attract tourists forever, so you need to build as many attractions as possible. When building a building, you need to plan the land, each construction is also very expensive and takes time to complete. The difficulty in Dream Park Story is that even if you are not financially attached, it is quite difficult while building a new building. Because in order to unlock and build a building, certain conditions must be met (the number of visitors to the park, the construction of a certain other building…)

Strategic construction and planning

Dream Park Story MOD APK Download

That’s the hardest thing in Dream Park Story. Just like when you build a city in Dream Town Story, there are many things you need to pay attention to. If you keep building indiscriminately, your park will look very chaotic and ugly, even it affects the mood of tourists and makes you lose money. You need to choose to build the building in a suitable location, whether the building attracts visitors or not… Because if you put it in the wrong location, you will have to lose money to be able to move it. it (you even have a teleport limit). Or if you don’t want to spend money, you can choose to demolish the building. But that only makes you lose capital.

In addition to entertainment facilities, you should also pay attention to the scenery and environment in the park. Tourists often like to go to parks with lots of green trees, airy and cool paths. You can consider and add those to your park. Also do not forget to add decorative structures such as fountains, flower gates hanging banners, statues, creating wonderful parades… These works also attract tourists and increase the sympathy of guests. for that park.

The difficulty of Dream Park Story is that you will go from a negative number. That means you will have to borrow a certain amount of money to build your park. Without a specific plan or strategy, your random constructions do not attract tourists, then you will incur a huge debt. Therefore, instead of building several similar buildings, you should build new buildings that will be more attractive to customers.

Through media channels, you can get a quick response from tourists to your park. This will help you change before it’s too late.

Online mode

Dream Park Story MOD Gold

Like the previous games in this building series, Dream Park Story also has an online mode. With this feature, you can tour the park of other online players. However, this mode is still restricted by region, which means that people in Vietnam can only visit friends’ parks in Vietnam, Canada only has friends in Canada… In addition, Dream Park Story also has an online leaderboard, participate in building competition with other players to see who owns the best park?


Still impressing users with the familiar 8-bit graphics platform, giving players a feeling of nostalgia. Although the graphics are not too good, in return for the bright colors, combined with funny sounds, it is very suitable for entertainment.

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