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Have you thought of any good games to try this weekend? If not, you can try #DRIVE MOD APK. This is an extremely attractive racing game that will help you beat boredom immediately.


There is no denying that although the racing genre is no longer strange, any newly released game of this genre is also expected by a large number of players. And #DRIVE is no exception. The game comes from the developer Pixel Perfect Dude S.A. This game quickly conquers racing lovers with exciting and thrilling races. If you are interested in #DRIVE, you can quickly learn through the article below.

Show off your racing skills

#DRIVE MOD APK for Android

Your only goal when playing #DRIVE is to go as far as possible. The further you go, the more points you will earn. Of course, things will not be easy. The first is the difficulty that comes from the roads that are sometimes flat, sometimes zigzag full of difficult turns. Also on the way, you will encounter cars going in the opposite direction hindering your speed. Moreover, sometimes there will be policemen ready to block your way. Although I don’t know why they block you, it’s definitely not a good thing, try to avoid the cops as much as possible.

Be careful on the track

You don’t have to go fast in #DRIVE, try to go as far as possible. And don’t forget to collect bottle caps along the way because the reward will depend on the number of bottle caps you get. But be careful because behind the rows of bottle caps will sometimes arrange a few traps that make you unable to react. Not only are there obstacles on the road that interfere, but you also have to pay attention to the terrain on the way. For example, when going through the desert, you must pay attention to the sand on the road because it is easy to make you slippery, or going through the city, you must firmly grasp the steering wheel or it will be easy to collide with the houses on the roadside.

Classic car collection

#DRIVE MOD APK download

DRIVE has the style of the 70s so the vehicles you see in this game also have classic colors. All are designed quite old and have a family car style, not like a racing car. However, this is a highlight that makes #DRIVE different from other games of the same genre.

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