Epic Fantasy MOD APK 1.18.1 (DMG/Defence Multiplier)

Last updated: 24/10/2021 (17 mins ago)

Latest Version1.18.1
MOD InfoDMG/Defence Multiplier
RequiresAndroid 4.4+
PackageGoogle Play Link

If you ask me which game is the hottest right now, I will not hesitate to answer it is the game from the publisher Cravemob – Epic Fantasy MOD APK. With elaborate 3D graphics inspired by ancient European mythology, the game easily conquers even the most demanding players. Download the MOD APK version we provide to experience this game with more free features.

About Epic Fantasy MOD APK

Epic Fantasy MOD APK

Recently, the idle element in games is very popular. Understanding that, game developers have cleverly mixed the idle element with other game genres to attract more players. And as expected, the games coming out of this hybrid genre quickly won the hearts of many gamers. And Epic Fantasy is a prime example. Although the game was only recently released, it has quickly garnered a large number of satisfied reviews from both players and game critics.

The gameplay is both idle and attractive

You can see what I just said above when you step into Epic Fantasy. This game mainly focuses on the card tactical element when your task will be to arrange the squad and use reasoning skills. This will require you to have patience as well as observe, learn carefully the information of the general cards before combining them. No one can be good from the start, and if your lineup doesn’t produce the results you want, don’t be discouraged. You will quickly accumulate experience after a few levels right away. And the idle element is also easy to see through the fact that your squad will automatically fight monsters and collect materials in real-time. Even if you don’t enter the game, when you return, you will still receive a portion of the ingredients through leaving the game.

Various characters

Epic Fantasy MOD APK DMG:Defence Multiplier

Through doing story missions, you will meet and collect heroes to join your team. There are over 150 battle-able heroes in Epic Fantasy. They are mainly divided according to 5 basic attributes, each of which will have its own advantages and limitations. You can identify which attribute this character is through the symbol on the card.

Each team in Epic Fantasy will have a total of 5 hero characters participating in battle. The lineup in Epic Fantasy is considered to be quite flexible and easy to customize. However, it is quite difficult to master! Those of you who often play strategy games will know why I say that. Try to take advantage of the advantages of the attributes to buff the strength of the team to the highest. One tip is that you can use multiple characters with the same attribute or characters with attributes that support each other, which will increase the combat power. However, it still depends on the game.

Explore dungeons & defeat bosses

Epic Fantasy opens up nearly a hundred dungeons and towers for players to explore. These dungeons and towers have different textures, they are like endless mazes. So each adventure will bring a different experience. Entering dungeons and towers, what you have to deal with are not only powerful and terrifying bosses, but also a lot of puzzles and obstacles that you have to overcome. The deeper you go into the dungeon or climb to the top floor of the tower, the higher the number of monsters as well as their difficulty. However, if you pass the last stage, you will receive valuable rewards including gold coins and many rare items.

Fierce arena

Epic Fantasy MOD APK for Android

If you are bored or have experienced all the dungeons and towers, welcome to the arena of Epic Fantasy. In this place, your opponents are not mindless monsters anymore, but players from all over the world. Therefore, the arena will be extremely competitive, fierce, and extremely interesting. However, this is also an opportunity to help you socialize, make new friends, and learn more about tactics. Try to fight and become the top-ranked in this prestigious arena.


There are many types of items in Epic Fantasy, especially weapons and armour. They are divided into several categories in accordance with the attributes of the characters. In addition, there are also many support items that help increase combat power such as stones, potions, magic balls…

Overall, Epic Fantasy is an interesting game, with many attractive sub-versions and beautiful 3D graphics. The game is like a new wind blowing into the Idle general card game genre, which is gradually saturated today.

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