Escape Z MOD APK is an extremely attractive puzzle game for Android devices. If you have never played puzzle games before, this game will bring you to the magical world of puzzles.

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Escape Z MOD APK

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  • Unlock all levels

Since the computer and the hardware devices and software that come with it are in the early days, everything is given priority to experts, scientists, and research institutes. Not only do they operate them by special people, but they also have special knowledge. Due to the advancement of science and technology, computers are becoming more compact, cheaper, and have more power, and especially, more and more user friendly. Until it was cheap enough and more people-friendly, there weren’t too many people buying them. Just because their needs did not require such a powerful machine. Realizing that the need for human entertainment is very necessary, at the same time thanks to the power coming from computers, the developers of that time created the first video games. The first games had simple rhythms, simple graphics, simple sounds, and even none. Up to now, that means many years later, video games have turned to a completely new page, more beautiful, better, more attractive. However, classic games still bring appeal to a small set of players, which are perfect for developers and amateur studios to make a name for themselves. If you really love classic arcade games, try Escape Z.

The game was developed by the Eldritch development team, their products have not resonated yet, but the beginning has always been difficult, this game will be a jump to take them to new heights. Or will it be a brick paving their way? This is entirely up to you and your experience only.

Attractive game plot

The game starts in a dark sewer, with no narrator, no one telling you what’s going on. The only thing you know is that there are ways to get out into the light. You need to navigate, solve, and open doors to the destination.

Simple and interesting gameplay

The game only provides you with a single navigation button, allowing you to move up and down, left and right. You already know the task is to find your way out, but it’s not simply the door there and you come open. During the process of finding a way to escape, the zombies appear everywhere will block your way, you need to understand the rules of their movements to be able to escape. Poor dogs are also lost in the tunnel, if you can save them from there, you will get one more star for your good deeds. In addition to the corpses blocking the way, available obstructions such as moats, water pipes, locked doors, and darkness also constantly make it difficult for you. Stay calm, use your wits, find solutions to every puzzle, and get out.

Extremely simple 2D graphics

A game equipped with 2D graphics couldn’t be simpler. Characters, objects, landscapes, pets, and enemies are all drawn in pixel style. That means you see every single pixel that makes up that character image, even though your gaming device is much better than it was decades ago. The game sound is also very simple, only noises when you interact with the game screen, and there is no other music during your gameplay.


The game is currently freely available on Google Play, you can download and experience the game immediately. However, in the free version, the game comes with a bit of ad, you can pay about 5 dollars to remove the ads immediately. However, not everyone has too much money to spend on a game, if you are such a person please use our Escape Z MOD APK. The edited version makes it possible to experience the game without any ads. Once you’ve had a good experience, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the game’s comments.

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