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Download ExpressVPN MOD APK (Premium Unlocked/Unlimited Trial) for Android to enjoy the benefits of using the internet privately with high speed completely free. In the MOD version, all advanced features are unlocked.

About ExpressVPN MOD APK

Today, we cannot live without the internet. It can serve our entertainment needs and also meet all-important jobs for offices, individuals … People browse the web to find information, update news for each free time. There is no denying the advantages that the internet brings to people, but there are also threats that are stalking us every day if your information is accidentally stolen by some dangerous websites.

Websites and carriers keep track of a user’s IP address every time they access the internet. Then, all of your information may not be secure anymore as these IPs can be sold to other companies with malicious intent. Taking advantage of network vulnerabilities, bad guys can also steal your information easily. Virtual Private Network, also abbreviated as VPN, is a virtual private network. It gives users peace of mind every time they browse the web and provides users with the great features you really need such as speed, security, and fast support for users. ExpressVPN is the world’s leading VPN tool that we want to bring to you.

The advanced features that ExpressVPN brings to you

Safe browsing is exactly what we should expect, so ExpressVPN will be the app that won’t let you down. With its great features, you will not know what benefits you will enjoy other than browsing in private. Let us introduce a few of the key features that are included with ExpressVPN.

1. High security, protect user privacy

The most important thing a VPN application needs is absolute safety and security. With ExpressVPN, you can rest assured of the strict developer privacy policies. That is, they won’t record the user’s connection history and activity logs. By applying Trusted Server technology to this application, it can provide extremely strong encryption to protect and eliminate hackers or organizations trying to spy on you. Therefore, whether you are connected to any public wifi network, school, or anywhere, no longer worry about privacy issues while browsing the web, no more worrying about your data being stolen. again.

2. With more than 160 hotspots in 94 countries

One of the highlights compared to other VPN apps is ExpressVPN’s extensive connectivity coverage to more than 160 connection locations in most countries. You can stay connected anywhere when using the MOD version of the app. Currently, other VPN applications only give users some locations in a few major countries and forget that small or medium countries need support for a virtual VPN connection. According to the publisher’s number, there are over 3000 VPN servers in all, showing that ExpressVPN’s coverage can completely help you connect to anywhere in the world, any location. you need.

3. Quick connection

There are many popular VPN applications today, but each application gives users a response rate of different bandwidth and data access limits. You will have to accept this if you use a tool that is not trusted by many users. However, with ExpressVPN you will no longer worry about access speed or bandwidth. This application allows users to access the internet at high speed providing the best user experience. Therefore, it deserves the name VPN with the world’s top reliability. Although initially, you will find it free like many other VPN applications, of course not free, it will be squeezed bandwidth like some other poor quality applications. So, you can be completely assured of browsing the web without worrying about the speed of access.

4. Good customer support

Although you can rest assured to use this application for the VPN connection, during use, it is inevitable that errors occur on certain phones or some problems they do. I can’t control it. ExpressVPN is an application that has a 24/7 customer care support team. Meaning that, wherever you are, at any time can get feedback from their excellent experts. Moreover, it also supports most of the personal platforms and devices that you are using. Popular as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs,… With ExpressVPN, you will experience a perfect application!

The way to use ExpressVPN MOD APK for a long time

To use ExpressVPN MOD version for a long time, requires a few tips that users need to be familiar with.

  1. Install another VPN app and connect to any country (US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore preferred), Turbo VPN is recommended
  2. Open ExpressVPN for a free 7-day trial (Use UDP protocol for best performance)
  3. Remove the Turbo VPN app and use ExpressVPN as the primary VPN when the trial expires, you can set up a trial account with another email.
  4. When the trial expires, you can set up a trial account with another email.
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