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Eyecon MOD APK v4.0.510 (Premium Unlocked)

Eyecon MOD APK v4.0.510 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 03-05-2024 (3 months ago)
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Support to remove unwanted advertising and spam calls – Eyecon Mod APK. This is an application for Android mobile devices. There are many other great features such as call ID display, connection to social media accounts,… Quickly download and discover!

About Eyecon Premium MOD APK

The 21st century is the era of technology, especially smart technologies that help people a lot in life. One of the most amazing inventions is the smartphone. The number of smartphone users in the world is increasing day by day and shows no signs of slowing down. However, many people have problems with spam calls. Or a call from an unknown number makes them anxious to listen because there is a high risk of being scammed. To prevent this, a useful application was born called Eyecon. It can completely replace the default dialer application of the phone because it is so many times more convenient. It is because of the advantages of this application that it has attracted hundreds of thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store. The majority of users leave positive comments. Don’t waste time being curious about it, but directly participate and experience it. I bet you won’t be disappointed with it.

Always know the information of the caller on the next line

Based on the caller’s ID, Eyecon will notify you in advance with the basic information about the caller. Even if it is a strange number that is not in your contacts, you can still know who that person is. Knowing this in advance makes it easier to decide whether to listen to that call or not. Outright rejection of incoming calls from brokers, advertisers,… They just take up more of your time. The normal calling application on your device of course cannot do this.

Advanced reverse lookup

Do you know what is the best thing that Eyecon brings to you? That is, you can know more about the person calling you. The reverse lookup feature means that when you click on their displayed photo, you also know information about social networking accounts such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Linkedin,… Later, if two people still have If you need to communicate with each other, you can also use social networking sites to make it easier to text and make free video calls. Capturing social media account information also makes it easier for you to understand who the person on the other end of the line is and whether you should have further contact with that person. You can even access their social media accounts while in the conversation to check if the basic information they tell you is really true. It will keep you safe and never fall victim to a scam call.

Beautiful call interface design

Eyecon also has its own contact interface, and it is much more convenient than the traditional application. What you’ll see will be a picture of them with their name and phone number in a small corner of the screen. Face recognition will help us quickly remember who that person is. And when there is an incoming call, the person’s photo will appear on the full screen. In addition, you can also set your own wallpaper during the call. For example, changing the family photo background screen for calls with grandparents, parents, siblings in the family, …

Save energy for the device

There will be some users wondering if Eyecon features make their device drain battery faster? The answer is absolutely not. In contrast, the application is designed to use the battery in the most optimal way, avoiding large energy consumption to heat up the device during calls. If the call takes too long, it automatically reduces the screen brightness and leaves the launcher in the background.

Block spam calls

Are there promotional phone numbers that keep messing up and won’t leave you alone? For calls that even though you have declined, they keep on going, put it on Eyecon’s block list. Even calls from computer bots, you can block with just a simple operation. Make sure it never shows up on your screen again. Easily manage your own blocked caller’s list and correct it if there is a mistake.

Users will have to pay a fee when upgrading to a Premium account to use all Eyecon features. However, with the Eyecon Premium MOD APK version that we provide, you are free to use all the features without paying any extra fees. Feel free to enjoy the benefits of this amazing app!

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