EZ KNIGHT MOD APK v1.6.1 (Menu DMG/Defense Multiplier)

Update on December 29, 2022 (11 months ago)


EZ KNIGHT MOD APK v1.6.1 (Menu DMG/Defense Multiplier)

Update on December 29, 2022 (11 months ago)

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Menu DMG/Defense Multiplier

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Are you dream of becoming a brave knight to protect the peace of humankind? EZ Knight MOD APK is considered one of the best 3D RPG games today. Although the game has been out for a long time, the hotness of the game has never slowed down. This is the perfect game for showing your passion for becoming a talented knight and fighting against powerful enemies. Joining the game is a huge advantage for players to improve their gaming skills in a short time.

Awesome 3D animated RPG game

As you all know, EZ Knight is a knight game in the 3D animated RPG genre. The game is designed with an interesting style and is a little cute in the graphics. Currently, the game is available worldwide, so players can join the game with many different people very easily. Players will be transformed into talented knights going through many complex challenges when participating in the game. Almost, the player will enter a long-term adventure through many different lands to destroy the wicked and bring peace to the good people. Really, the game catches the eye of the player from the very first moment.

Battle with AutoPlay mode


Players will feel quite surprised when the game is equipped with an auto-battle mode. Therefore, players will have a lot more free time without using their hands as often. This game mode will automatically fight and adjust some activities in the game and collect some loot. It can be said that playing a game has never been so easy. However, players still need to perform the game manually to adjust the formation accordingly and upgrade some skills.

Cooperate with friends to fight together


When performing missions in EZ Knight, players are allowed to coordinate with their friends to fight powerful enemies. Perhaps this feature is one of the features that players like the most. Because in the process of fighting the enemy, if you run out of strength, your teammates will support and help you revive faster. The game gives you a lot of different skills for you to use against the enemy. Pay attention to the enemy situation to reverse the situation and use the appropriate skills.

Become a master that will be confidential

After successfully completing the assigned sequence of tasks, the player will be upgraded to a specified level. Moreover, when the player reaches the maximum level, your strength will be upgraded quite a lot to create favorable conditions for you to fight the enemy. Therefore, show all your skills to have a chance to become a brave knight master in this role-playing game. Naturally, when the player becomes a master knight, the time to fight the enemy will be shortened even more because your super skill will knock it away in a split second.


Actually, this is a pretty fun idle role-playing game for players to explore. If you want to experience a new game genre, let the game be your spare time companion during this time.

Key features

  • Continuously update outstanding features
  • Provide many unique events for players to discover
  • Join the fight in the 3D arena
  • Sharp graphics, high-quality images, smooth gameplay on many devices
  • Diverse system of items and achievements.

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