FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! MOD APK 8.11.106 (APK Only)

Last updated: 28/05/2021 (4 months ago)

Latest Version8.11.106
MOD InfoAPK Only
PublisherGarena Mobile Private
PackageGoogle Play Link

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! APK is a game based on the popular Fairy Tail comic to be released. The magical world of magic will be available right on your phone. Download the latest version for Android via our link available below to experience this game at the earliest on your device.

Introducing FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!

Fairy tail is a famous Japanese manga. It was first released in 2006 with the beginning of a magician Lucy. She and her friend’s adventure, help the people, fight evil. Accompanying her are friends Natsu, Gray, Erza, … Each of them has their own stories, joining the group for different purposes. The series ends in 2019, with an ending that many consider being beautiful. The characters are paired, and a new start to them. Many people regretted that the 13-year series ended. But you won’t have to regret it anymore. Game publisher Garena is about to launch a game based on this comic book series. But the controller of the fighting characters will not be the author anymore. That person is you, together with the characters you love to fight the evil in the game FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!

Familiar teammates

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!

Starting the game, you will meet familiar characters. It’s Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza and Wendy. They are reliable and powerful friends, helping you to familiarize yourself with the magical world more easily. Also, you can also meet a lot of characters, evil yes, good there. The game developer brought them out so we can see them again.

Turn-based combat

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!

The gameplay of this game is not new. You will arrange a lineup of characters available in the game. Combat turns will be rotated. Everyone will be fighting alternately. When it is your turn to choose to attack or launch a special attack on your opponent. Each character has different stats and skills. This forces you to think in each step. The moves are a simulation of what the character has in the story. So if you have the ability to read stories from before, it will be easier for you to understand the character’s skills.

Team up to fight together

To be able to complete their missions, the main character group does not only need their own strength. They also need help from others in their clan. You too, forming a clan helps you get help from more knowledgeable members. Or you can help, get acquainted with new members. Have to give back that. Together with the guild, you can receive super-difficult quests, which only when companions can fight them.

Trade system and connection

When you have an item or item that you don’t use at all. Many games only allow you to sell them to the NPC for a very low price, maybe not even for sale. But with this game, you can sell scraps through the commercial system available in the game. Also if you do not have the right items. Why not walk through the market to see if I can find them from here.

Communication with other players is very important. It helps you discover new things in the game, or maybe about yourself. The game has a communication system available. You can chat with players near you, or talk to all players on the server. Also finding out what my friends are up to is also available. If your friends are struggling, coming to help them in their spare time is not a bad idea

Install FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! APK + OBB

We have now updated to the latest version of FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! right in the link below the article. You can install the latest APK version for Android following the steps below.

  1. Download FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! APK + OBB file we provide.
  2. Unzip the OBB file and copy it to the Android/OBB folder.
  3. Install the APK and enjoy.

Download FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! APK for Android

The game is released by Garena and is available on the app store for Android and iOS. Now that you can download it directly to your mobile device, or simply install it through the APK file we provide below, it will certainly help you somewhat. You do not support installation directly from the Google Play application store. Join FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite !, If you are lucky, maybe you will have a new, extremely powerful companion Erza right from the beginning of the game.