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A completely different universe from Earth, where you incarnate into legendary creatures. Unleash your own style creation, interacting with friends. Join the online fantasy world in the game Fer.al MOD APK of the publisher WildWorks for the most enjoyable experience. This game is currently available on MOD APK version at MODDER.ME, download it quickly!

Fer.al MOD APK

Fer.al MOD APK

Own a summoned beast, design your sanctuary, find and collect items to craft them into unique items. Not only that, but a series of exciting missions are also waiting for you to complete, play games and overcome challenges to collect rewards. What will you transform into when you join the world in the game Fer.al?

Show your own style

After creating your account, logging into the game, you will be able to choose between Kitsune or Senri characters – male and female representations. Having created a basic character, you can continue to edit parts of your summoned beast. For example, a different color of fur, a satin drawing on a summoned beast’s body, or equipment to add accessories to highlight his style. Not only showing yourself through the summoned beast but the shrine where the summoned beast lives is also a factor in your style. Expand the rooms, decorated with wallpaper, floors, furniture that you love. You can use dyes to color accessories, furniture, and make summoned beasts and territories stand out. To get the materials to carry out the decoration and crafting of items, you must overcome the challenges to receive rewards. Open chests to receive more valuable items. Another essential for you to be able to purchase accessories in the game’s stores is the popularity rating by other players.

Explore a world mysteries

Fer.al MOD APK

The world in the game Fer.al is filled with strange and beautiful lands. A large space with constantly changing scenery, from murky swamps, cold hills to vibrant cities. You can travel on your own or invite other players in the game to be your exploration companion. In addition to the main hall where players gather, Fer.al also creates other side games such as puzzles, opening chests for you to find the ingredients, dyes, and items you need.

Friend interaction

Fer.al provides the player with a variety of summoned beasts’ movements and movements. There is a separate folder on the way for you to move, you should keep it in mind so you can more easily immerse yourself in the world of the game. Interaction with other players can be done through the use of a chatbox where you can see a series of messages or activities of other players in the lobby. What’s more, you can initiate private interactions with each player by tapping their summoned beasts. Once there, options will appear as follows, talk to them directly, exchange items with each other to get your collection of the rare items you desire.

Unlock rewards each season

Fer.al MOD APK

Fer.al organizes different seasons to increase the attractiveness of players. Generates a ranking of 100 players per season. Motivate them to fight by setting tons of rewards people can earn after completing challenges. Each season has its own tailored rewards. Try to complete as many quests as possible, you will collect a variety of rare items to craft furniture, costumes, and accessories for the summoned beast.

Graphics and sound

Graphic design of the publisher WildWorks for Fer.al products is highly appreciated. With vivid 3D images that make the characters and scenes in the game become more beautiful and mysterious than ever. The sound of the game is suitable, creating a sense of attraction for the player. Make players more immersed in that world.

Download Fer.al MOD APK for Android

Although the gameplay does not require speed, it is not boring, creating a very comfortable feeling for the player in entertaining moments. The game Fer.al has received hundreds of positive reviews from the participants. The game is suitable for teenagers.

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