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Fidget Toys Trading MOD APK brings players back to their childhood with a toy exchange game. Quick eyes to exchange for eye-catching and high-value toys. Return to your childhood with this lovely game.

Do you remember the times when you exchanged toys with your friends when you were a kid or the times when you took your old toys to the toy store to renew them when you were a kid? Go back in time to your childhood with Fidget Toys Trading, an enjoyable game. This is a toy exchange game with simple operations: bid to accept, decline, or negotiate further. Eye-catching graphics and secret gift boxes filled with surprises. Join your friends in toy sales.


In this toy exchange, two parties are you and another player, or it can be the default system. Everyone will prepare their own toys or secret gift boxes. The toys are poured into a tray on the negotiating table. Pour lots and lots of toys in to increase the chances of being bought and making big money from selling toys. Use the money you earn to buy new toys. Continuously initiate exchanges.

The toys used in this game are the most adorable and loved by many children. These are teddy bears, colorful gyros, candy boxes, control cars,… They are designed to look like the real thing and have a cute and soft-touch like the objects in cartoon movies. You can buy them and add them to your collection. New colorful toys are unlocked gradually during the game and constantly updated to be the first to purchase lovely items.


Your toys will be observed and selected by the opposite person. They will choose the item they like best and start bidding for it. 500 or 1000 will be up to you, and the opponent will offer a price to buy this toy or gift box. Observe and read their minds to see if you’ve been fooled. If you agree to sell at that price or choose “accept.” If you don’t want to sell the item, choose “reject.” If you’re going to negotiate with a higher price, choose “ask more.”

Please calculate carefully so that every transaction in Fidget Toys Trading is always in your favor. Becoming the wealthiest toy player is the goal of every player, and a ranking of the wealth of the richest players is constantly updated. To be one of the people named above is your wish. The game is playable even when your phone is online or offline. Funny sounds bring a happy and comfortable atmosphere after tiring working and studying days.


In addition to selling toys to others, players can also buy themselves adorable toys. Fidget Toys Trading is a gift exchange game so you can choose your opponent’s gift. The tray is filled with colorful, eye-catching items. There are also mysterious gift boxes that do not know what is inside. With a simple touch, tap on the item you want, and you’re given the price you want to buy. Make sure you don’t give too high or lose money. But if the offer is too low, the other party will not sell to you.

The secret gift boxes are also attractive for every player on the exchange. In this gift box, it can be an item of great value, such as a phone, tablet, etc., but it can also be an item that teases and tricks you like a piece of paper, a smiley face, etc. Although the possibility of winning is good, the gift boxes are always welcomed very enthusiastically.


  • The toy swap game is fun and provides a moment of fun and relaxation when it comes to childhood games again.
  • Select beautiful toys and gift boxes from your collection and dump them on the tray to join this toy exchange. They can be purchased from the store.
  • The other party will offer a price for your item that they want to buy “accept,” “decline,” or “request more” is your choice.
  • Choose the opponent’s toys you want to buy and set a price for them. Make sure you get the best item for the lowest price.
  • Secret gift boxes always contain surprises that everyone wants to know. It can be a valuable item, but it can also be a prank.

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