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Fire Truck Simulator MOD APK is a game that simulates the actions of firefighters as they try to complete rescue missions. The game world is diverse, realistic and players can unlock different fire trucks.

Fire Truck Simulator brings rescue missions to transform into firefighters with completely diverse rescue missions. You will quickly drive your car to many different locations, and indeed, any player needs to comply with the characteristics of the environment. In addition, you will need to complete the missions in the best way to get rewards and unlock new fire trucks.


In Fire Truck Simulator, players begin to approach the work of a firefighter with the most realistic experience. You will be able to drive fire trucks to move around the city and perform the tasks that you are assigned. At the same time, since this is a simulation game, many factors make you feel a certain authenticity during the experience. The first factor must have been driving the fire trucks to the accident scene.

Fire Truck Simulator MOD APK

Players will control the fire truck with two hands, so you will need to get used to driving your vehicle in the large world of the game. Initially, you will have some control issues with the variety of buttons you use, but it will be resolved over time. At the same time, this is a realistic 3D world, so it will also always have physical properties that you must adhere to. So, you will be free to explore the elements that this game has to offer.


Players will drive the fire truck moving in Fire Truck Simulator, and of course, sometimes there will be problems that you will need to get there. So you will need to drive in the best way to solve the problem before it becomes serious, and you will know the problem information is displayed clearly. At the same time, you will sometimes be able to turn on the lights of the fire truck to reach your destination more quickly because there are many different vehicles that you may encounter.

Fire Truck Simulator MOD APK

Once you have reached a different location, you will complete a sequence of actions that a firefighter has to do. Therefore, the game offers you a variety of experiences that you can easily find, such as parking, driving, and using the faucet to prevent dangerous problems ahead. Indeed any player will find it interesting to perform all these actions, and many other problems keep popping up.

In a large 3D city, there are bound to be many places that you can explore, and of course, they will come with problems that you will solve. The game also offers you a variety of rescue missions that you can complete and spend a lot of time exploring the city. At the same time, performing the tasks in this game gives you certain rewards that you can use.


As you experience Fire Truck Simulator, players will find different types of fire trucks that they can drive. You will be able to select them to get detailed information about the parameters, and from there, there are factors to consider. At the same time, you also need to prepare a certain amount of money to unlock them, and you will need to complete many different levels to fulfill your wish. It will bring attraction and urge to players.

Fire Truck Simulator MOD APK

Players will be able to explore what is related to their fire truck freely, and the game offers many different camera angles. You will be able to change your viewing angle according to your wishes for the convenience of your experience. For example, you will be able to drive on traffic-filled roads with a panoramic view, or a first-person perspective will bring the actual experience of driving a real fire truck.

You will approach the work of realistically simulated firefighters:

  • The city you’re in is full of problems that you’ll need to deal with your skills and perform diverse actions properly.
  • You will go to the accident site and do all the activities you need to do within the allotted amount of time.
  • The world in this game is large, and players will go to many different locations to solve their respective problems.
  • Depending on changing the perspective in the game, players can find new experiences with the fire truck in many cases.
  • Players will try to collect a certain amount of money through missions and unlock the fire truck they like.

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