Foil Turning 3D MOD APK is a game that allows players to craft objects from a scroll of foil. Before playing this game, we want to advise players that it has quite a lot of annoying ads. Therefore, the MOD (No Ads) version has fixed this. Download the latest version for Android devices by following our article.

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Introducing 3D Foil Turning

Foil Turning 3D is an entertaining game released by Gismart. This game is loved by many gamers because of its high entertainment. All operations in the game are very simple and it does not make it difficult for players. You can immediately download it to experience.

Use a hammer to create pieces out of foil

Do you want to be a craftsman? Make craft tools like knives, bowling balls. The hammers in this game are used to shape the objects you want to craft. But first, curl up your foil to get the shape of the object you want. Next, let’s use the hammer to make the shape. So you are 50% complete. Great! Now it’s time to sharpen them. First, Let’s make the rough, dry surface shiny. Use sandpaper to polish your objects.

Not done yet, right? That’s right, there’s a little more new eye-catching color. Paint on your work from grocery store colored paint bottle. Then you have finished your masterpiece.

Hammers make objects

To make a product as you like, the craftsman needs a lot of machines and above all, a furnace. However, in this game, you are only allowed to use the hammer to craft. In this game, you will have access to countless hammers with eye-catching shapes and colors. Have you ever seen a hammer-shaped like a thigh full of meat? A hammer in the shape of a fist? Of course, you won’t be able to see it in real life. But in the game Foil Turning 3D, all those hammers are effective in making objects, believe it?


  • Crafting tools and objects from a scroll of foil.
  • Use a hammer with many eye-catching shapes.
  • Sharpen your objects so they are so shiny that they can be seen as a mirror.
  • Many colors you can choose from for spraying paint on your made work.
  • Enjoy the fruits of a cake cutting knife or a bowling ball.

MOD APK version of Foil Turning 3D

MOD features

  • No Ads: Removed ads while playing.


If you are looking for a light entertainment game for the home breaks then playing a game like Foil Turning 3D MOD APK is perfectly reasonable. Express your creativity in foil crafted materials. Select a link to download the latest version for your Android device.

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