FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK v3.18.0 (Menu, 20 Features, Money)

Update on April 8, 2023 (11 months ago)

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Mod Info?

– [ Player Menu ] –
– Godmode
– One Shot Kill
– Wall Hack
– Unlimited Ammo
– Unlimited Ability
– Freeze Bots
– Speed
– [ Account Menu ] –
– Unlimited Diamonds – [ Fixed At 4,500 – Enable Before Loading Screen]
– Unlimited Coins – [ Fixed At 10,000 – Enable Before Loading Screen]
– Unlimited Joker Cards [ Adds 10,000 Every Time You Open A Chest ] [NEW]
– [ More Options ] –
– Mass Kill [NEW]
– Tele Kill [NEW]
– Change Height [NEW]
– Player Size [NEW]
– [ Passive ] –
– No Ads [NEW]
– [ How To Get Unlimited Diamonds / Coins ] –
1. Start Game
2. Enable Unlimited Diamond / Coins
3. Then Buy Something With Coins / Diamonds
4. Now You Should Have 4,500 Diamonds , 10,000 Coins

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FRAG Pro Shooter




Mod Features
Menu, 20 Features, Money

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FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK (Menu, 20 Features, Money) is a shooting game with an attractive gameplay style for mobile phones. Download now the latest MOD version for Android to own a huge amount of money. Serve for upgrading and unlocking.

FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK

You are a good shooter. You have been through hundreds, thousands of battles on famous shooting games like CSGO, PUBG,… Or you are a normal player, looking for something new in shooting games. nowadays. This is when you need to try out FRAG Pro Shooter. The game has a new way of playing, combined with a normal shooting game. It will certainly be a formidable challenge for experienced gamers. And a new thing for other casual players.

The game was developed by Oh BiBi company, a company that has a lot of games with novel gameplay styles. This time with FRAG Pro Shooter, the game has completely conquered players around the world with more than 50 million downloads on Google Play. The rating is also up to 4.4/5 stars, the number is very high compared to the number of reviews is over 800 thousand.

Show off your shooting skills

As introduced, this game belongs to the shooting genre. It has all the functions a basic shooting game should have. Lots of guns are available, aim, and shoot at the enemy. The more enemies you defeat, the higher your chances of victory will be. You won’t have to deal with thoughtless bots. Your opponents are over 50 million players worldwide. Show all your skills and win on your own.

New gameplay

You will wonder, what’s new in this game? From the beginning up until now, I have only introduced it as normal shooting games. But the special feature of this game is that you will not control a fixed character. Your squad has up to 5 members. You will have to control your character to destroy or gain the most points in order to win. Every time the character you are controlling is defeated. Don’t worry, you will be transferred to another live character on your team. This will definitely cause difficulties because you will have to use a different weapon, be put in a different situation. But this will be good prey for players who love the novelty.

Character system

The game is available to more than 80 different characters. Each of them has different skills, weapons, and stats. Characters can also be stronger if upgraded. What you need to do is to choose the best squad. When you are controlling 1 character, the other 4 members will be controlled by the computer. It’s not really that smart. If you are a regular player, you must make them able to survive without human control. Or if you are a professional player, you will just need to control the current character to sweep the opponent to get the victory. How the play style, the character combination, and how the team is all controlled by you.

Great 3D graphics

All of your characters are designed in a simple way. If you pay close attention you will see a lot of meandering lines. Even the map is wide but in this simple style. To cover that defect, the game has bright and fun colors. You will not be able to detect if you are not a meticulous person. It is thanks to this simplicity and this color. The game is still extremely beautiful on phones with not too high a configuration. You only need a medium-sized phone to comfortably battle the game without worrying about jerky phenomena.

FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK version

With so many features as above, this is definitely a difficult problem for gamers. It requires both skill, calculation, and quick eye contact. But if you are not a very good player, playing a game like this will have a lot of difficulties. So let us help you by using our FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK. The edited version makes it easier for you to experience this game.


A lot of MOD features are supported in this FRAG Pro Shooter MOD version. However, it will cause an imbalance in the game. Because other online players may not use this MOD. Please use special features appropriately to both experience the game in the best way, without causing imbalance, affecting the game community. If you have any difficulties, problems during the installation, experience the game. Don’t forget to let us know below the comments section of the post.

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