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Freeletics APK v24.27.2 (Latest Version) Download

Freeletics APK v24.27.2 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 31-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Freeletics APK is Europe’s #1 bodybuilding app. The application will help every user have a toned and healthy body at home with exercises simulated by real AI technology.

Diverse exercise modes

The application pre-sets four training modes so that users can choose the mode that suits their training needs, including full-body weight training, weight training, and running training. and practice with punch exercises. Each training mode has a detailed training routine for beginners to professionals.

Rigorous and professional exercises

Each exercise mode has different exercises to burn calories for the whole body or a part such as the arms, thighs, buttocks… of each person. The exercises of the application are designed by professional fitness trainers and each exercise has a scientific training time limit for the practitioner to have an extremely effective result. Exercises can be practiced with equipment or without equipment depending on the exercise mode selected by the user.

Personalize your workout

The application will have a small survey for each user when using the application. Survey your weight, height, and fitness goals to send you a suitable exercise program. Each exercise program will also correspond to the exercise mode that the application has set up and will have a training period suitable for the goals of the application user. Check out your training results by taking before and after photos using a personalized learning program to compare your post-workout changes.

Detailed training video

The personalized exercise program will have detailed video tutorials for users to practice correctly and achieve high training results. Simulation videos under AI technology give app users a realistic feel when exercising at home. The workout videos include exercise instructions for the user and the accompanying music further excites the practitioner with the exercises in his personalized training program.

Training level upgrade

The training process is divided into three basic levels: beginner level, intermediate level, and professional level. Each level increases the difficulty of training for the practitioner in order to achieve faster results, and the more you upgrade the level, the training time is completely different. The personalized training program will also level you up for the most effective training.

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