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Garena Free Fire MAX MOD APK v2.105.1 (Menu, Wall Hack, Chams...)

Garena Free Fire MAX MOD APK v2.105.1 (Menu, Wall Hack, Chams...)

Updated: 22-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Garena Free Fire MAX
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Menu, Wall Hack, Chams...
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Download Garena Free Fire MAX MOD APK (Menu, Wall Hack, Chams…) latest for Android to participate in the most spectacular survival shooting on mobile devices.

Introducing Garena Free Fire MAX MOD APK

Free Fire Max is the latest survival shooting game developed by Garena which is most anticipated by many gamers in the past time. Through our first experience, we realized that Free Fire Max is a graphical upgrade version of Free Fire. Currently, there are a lot of survival games that are popular and the HOT level of this genre doesn’t seem to stop. And one of the biggest names right now is PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite.

Overview of Free Fire MAX

Free Fire Max is an upgraded version of Free Fire with the biggest improvement in picture quality with the largest resolution being Ultra HD. It can be said that this version of the publisher has targeted players in high-end devices. Unlike FF, which allows players to play on weakly configured devices. Whether this Free Fire “upgraded version” can retain players before the big names have appeared on the market of survival games today.

So far, Free Fire Max has been released in several countries such as Malaysia, Bolivia, and Cambodia. With this 2nd Closed Beta test version, players need to prepare a highly configurable device and need at least 2GB Ram free to be able to “balance” this game. Free Fire Max retains the original FF gameplay but adds more realistic graphics effects and I find it quite similar to what Tencent did on PUBG Mobile. However, Free Fire Max is still a game worth testing out. And perhaps, soon this is the # 1 shooter in the world.


As introduced, Free Fire MAX is just a significant graphical upgrade. Therefore, the gameplay on MAX remains the same compared to the original version. You will still be able to participate in survival shooting scenes with just 10-15 minutes with your teammates.

Start the game by selecting the battle map. The player will then be taken to the lobby of Free Fire Max. After completing the match process with 50 players, the game will start when you parachute onto the island of death and begin your journey of survival. Select a safe area and look for weapons to defeat the remaining players. The 50-player map competes for the legendary hearing box for an added edge against other survivors. All only 10 minutes to find one last survivor.

Maps and game modes

In this game, you can choose to match a solo match with the remaining 49 players in the world or you can play with your friends by a duo or teaming 4 players. Free Fire Max retains the same basic game modes such as Rank Battle, Normal mode (Bermuda Island & Kalahari Island), in Death Battle mode we also have random battle mode and 2 old maps, Bermuda Island and Kalahari Island. The graphics system has been upgraded on this version, so gamers familiar with Free Fire will be surprised by this new graphics quality. Together with your familiar teammates to become a legend.

Weapons system

The weapon system in Free Fire MAX is very diverse. From long-range weapons such as sniper rifles, mid-range (Handguns) like pistols to close-range (Melee), and “powerful” like a pan in the kitchen. List of general weapons in the MAX we will classify below.

  1. Melee: Pan, Parang, Baseball Bat, Katana
  2. Handguns: G18, USP, M500, Desert Eagle, Treatment Gun.
  3. Shotguns: M1014, M1873, SPAS-12,
  4. Submachine Guns: MP40, MP5, UMP, VSS, P90, CG15.
  5. Assault Rifles: AK47, M4A1, M14, Groza, XM8, Dragunov SVD, AN94, FAMAS, SKS, SCAR.
  6. Light Machine Guns: M249, M60.
  7. Sniper Rifles: AWM, Kar98k.
  8. Heavy Machine Guns: Gatling Gun
  9. Other weapons: Gloo Wall, Landmine, Flashbang, Grenade, MGL140, M79, Crossbow.

Customize your character

Currently, there are 32 characters in total for players to choose from. Some of the characters above the old version are still preserved and the publisher has updated some new character designs for Free Fire MAX. Players can get costumes from events and random gift boxes. You can customize your character’s hairstyles, costumes, and some accessories such as caps, glasses, masks, shoes…

Pet Support

Assistants are people who help the player a lot in a battle screen. Each animal will have a unique and useful skill like Mr. Waggor can grant players 1 glue bomb every 120 seconds. Ottero for those who use it with the purpose to restore EP energy each time is healed. Poring increases the durability of hats and armor for players. There are many other pets such as Eagles, Robo, Shiba… with their own skills, which will definitely help a certain part on your way to victory.

Breathtaking effect

Initially, Free Fire was launched with the aim of serving all gamers on all devices including mid-range to high-end. Players can experience it smoothly on devices with weak configurations. After a while standing on the TOP survival shooting games on the world game market, upgrading in terms of graphics is also essential. As can be seen, Free Fire MAX has a higher picture quality, designed to bring high-end gaming experiences to high-end devices.

The game uses the largest resolution up to Ultra HD with new effects and more realistic picture quality. Delivering the best survival experience you’ve ever seen on a mobile device.

Keep the same progress on Free Fire

A lot of gamers playing Free Fire are concerned that Free Fire MAX will keep the same process or not on the previous version. It is entirely possible. With Firelink, you can log in to the game with your existing FF account to log in on the MAX without any hitches. Your progress and items are preserved and are maintained parallel between the two games. You can play any game mode on both versions because MAX is just a graphical upgrade of the previous Fire Fire.

Download Garena Free Fire MAX APK for Android

It can be said that this is a great upgrade for gamers using high-end devices. They can be more satisfied with the upgraded graphics on the Free Fire MAX that FF has not previously owned. You can download the game directly from Google Play or you can install it manually with our APK file. Are you ready to become a legendary warrior?

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