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Gerand – Bent Barrels MOD APK v1.66 (Unlimited Money)

Gerand – Bent Barrels MOD APK v1.66 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 27-01-2023 (1 year ago)
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Gerand – Bent Barrels
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Unlimited Money
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Gerand – Bent Barrels MOD APK is an action game with online 1×1 tank battles that you must experience at least once in your life. In the MOD version of this game, players can make free purchases with real money. Allows players to bring back the most expensive tanks for their collection.

About Gerand – Bent Barrels MOD APK

Do tanks have faces? Have you ever seen it? By experiencing the game Gerand – Bent Barrels that we introduce in this article to control the tanks with funny faces and faces right now. Each warrior will find the fun that this game brings to his or her own. Gerand – Bent Barrels is an action game published by AIR Game. Because of the fun it brings, this game quickly attracts many audiences.

Game Mode

Gerand – Bent Barrels has two main game modes, 1×1 (and 2×2 online soon). In this tough but equally humorous battle, players will be fighting another random opponent on the entire server. The battles in Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod Apk are held at a fast pace, only 60 seconds to determine victory or defeat. The player’s task is to destroy the enemies and claim the prize money awarded to the winner for the purpose of upgrading the power of the tanks over time.

Gerand - Bent Barrels MOD APK for Android

Not only do players confront each other, but sometimes you also encounter monstrous enemies that stand in your way, and the battle with him will not be easy. Storm Mouse, Patun – the name that makes many players scared. Remember to give all your strength to fight these stubborn bosses to continue your journey.

Unlock the battle tank

Each combat vehicle is designed in an interesting way that makes players less bored. Here, players can experience the full power of bulky tanks. Each combat vehicle has its own power stat. Players can unlock them by collecting enough gold, along with that, you can also unlock some additional Boosters to make it easier to destroy enemies.

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Animated graphics

Gerand – Bent Barrels MOD APK is an arcade action game with interesting cartoon graphics. This helps players feel relaxed even in the toughest battles. With colorful cartoon-style visuals, you’ll be immersed in battles with the most distinctive tanks, and they even come with a grumpy face. Tanks are waiting for you in this game where you can show your power to players around the world.

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