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Update on August 18, 2023 (6 months ago)

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Join the new simulation game called Goat Simulator APK. Players take the role of a goat and control it to perform the tasks the system gives them. You may find them crazy schemes, but you will feel joy after doing them. In the real world, work requires us always to think carefully. It makes us feel tired of always having to follow the pattern. Coming to Goat Simulator, you will not need to worry anymore; here you are, a goat. No one will control your actions. Immerse yourself in an enjoyable life, and you don’t have to worry too much.


As I introduced at the beginning, Goat Simulator puts the player in the body of a goat. Immediately, the player receives the task that he needs to perform. The game teaches you how to manipulate the goat in the first few challenges. Later, when the player has understood the gameplay, all activities are controlled by you alone. For example, you are destroying a party by knocking all the tables and chairs there, eating food prepared by humans. Go on the road and block the way of a truck. That car won’t stop, but you can’t lose your life. Surely you will laugh when you see the image of the goat somersaulting under the car but can still get up as usual and continue to be hit by another vehicle.


Not only becoming a goat, but Goat Simulator also allows players to transform into another animal. An example point that I can mention is the giraffe. A giraffe was caught in the shears but was not cut. Or an ostrich running at full speed on the road, passing all cars in the same direction and blocking the way of vehicles coming from the opposite direction. In this world, no one can stop you from destroying everything around you.


Goat Simulator is designed with stunning 3D graphics. Every line is reproduced in great detail. Players see familiar scenes such as streets, parties, shops, transportation, etc. The game designs a variety of contexts and maps so players never get bored. If you want to do anything, do it immediately. In an animal’s body, everything around is no longer necessary to you; destroy everything and complete the task.

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