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Football fans definitely can’t miss Golazo! – Soccer game is hottest right now. Download Golazo! MOD APK to participate in crazy matches right on your mobile phone.

Introduce about Golazo!

Golazo! MOD APK

Football has always been a popular king sport at any given time. So things related to football are also very popular, especially games. In this football genre, it is impossible not to mention two names that have been storming over the years: FIFA and PES. The matches in these two games require the professionalism and technique of the player. But if you want to look for a soccer game that is somewhat fun, unrealistic, then try the Golazo experience! once.

Classic matches from the 90s

Golazo! has just been released a mobile version by Purple Tree not long ago. However, if you are a veteran gamer, you will realize that this game appeared on the Nintendo Switch in 1990.

About the gameplay, Golazo! still retains the gameplay is somewhat weird, illogical but full of its own quality. Each team will have a maximum of 7 members. In addition, Golazo! Also offers on-field tactics for you to choose from. Lots of tactical schemes like 3-1-2, 3-3, 2-3-1, 4-1-1,… and you need to do your homework before starting the battle. Not every strategy requires 7 players when fewer players mean more space on the field. This can also help you do push-ups or thrilling speed racing situations.

Attractive game modes

Golazo! MOD APK

The main modes in Golazo! Includes Friend Challenge, Season and Tournament. In my opinion, I think Challenge mode is the best because, in the other two modes, you will have to fight the AI.

Control system

Different from games of the same genre, Golazo! There are not many buttons to control, but instead, the ball is with arrows. There are only two options: kick the ball or pass the ball. Furthermore, since the players are going to shoot forward by default, you must turn to the player you want to pass before you kick the ball.

Stealing the ball from the opponent’s foot will be done into a tackle button, and your player will have a long slide on the field and steal the ball beautifully. Golazo! It doesn’t matter about the rules so you can freely make mistakes or collide with the other party. As long as you can snatch the ball and hit the net successfully.

The TOP football teams in the world

Inspired by the top World Cup matches, Golazo! simulate more than 52 teams from different countries. Build the strongest team and compete with other teams to see who is worthy of being the king of the pitch.

Upgrade character

Golazo! MOD APK

The more later, the rival teams you meet will become stronger. So upgrading is essential. There are 4 stats for you to upgrade including Stamina, Tackle, Speed, Accuracy. Or you can also equip and buy health items for your players.

Download Golazo! MOD APK for Android

Today, when football games are constantly being released, improving towards the most realistic, Golazo! go against the market in an illogical way. However, that helps Golazo! to get positive feedback. You can immediately download the MOD APK version to save time plowing and the game experience is much lighter.

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