Grand Criminal Online MOD APK v0.8.2 (Menu, Unlimited Ammo/Energy)

Update on August 7, 2023 (7 months ago)

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Grand Criminal Online



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Menu, Unlimited Ammo/Energy

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If you want to take on the challenge with dramatic and exciting feelings, then you should be interested in Grand Criminal Online MOD APK.

This is an action game for players to join and experience fierce fighting. In fact, if anyone has ever played Grand Theft Auto, this game will also have quite similar details, but the gameplay has been improved. With graphic designs and gameplay that are never outdated, even bringing new things to players.

Grand Criminal Online was born and enormously popularized on the Android platform. But is it one of the best open-ended multiplayer action games compared to the titles? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a hardworking citizen, always trying to find yourself a stable job, or you want to become a gangster to earn more accessible money? Grand Criminal Online gives players many opportunities to become the characters they want.

With an incomplete storyline, players can play according to their own style without necessarily playing according to certain patterns. Combined with many different missions, you have the opportunity to experience beautiful challenges. Most of the missions usually revolve around fighting, robbery, and more.


In this action game, players will be provided with many challenging missions to face. You will be a member of your favorite gang to take on challenges together. In Grand Criminal Online, the player can do anything in that city. It can be said that this city is really chaotic with many criminals, gangsters, and even corrupt police officers. Therefore, all your actions must be very calm, or you will be killed at any time. Of course, players will be equipped with a variety of weapons to protect themselves.

Almost all are hand-held weapons such as guns, knives, and baseball bats. You will need to use it to deal with groups of people attacking you. In a large city with towering buildings, you will sometimes encounter police forces that will track you down and find a way to destroy you. Use armored tanks with tremendous destructive power to escape from them. Besides, in this game, you can also rob cars on the road to facilitate movement and collect many different weapons.


In this world, if you’re tired of playing random machine-generated games, choose to play with friends for more exciting challenges and drama and explore the alleys of the city in search of the most dangerous. Play with friends mode will help you gain more experience and quickly complete the goal. In addition, the sandbox mode will determine who you are in this game world.

With a variety of costumes included here, you will immediately become a one-of-a-kind promoter. Possessing super smooth, realistic graphics and a vibrant and attractive open world, the game will be a paradise for those who love gangster games combined with action gameplay. Besides, the vehicles are also regularly provided with many new models for players to use.

Indeed, this action game is too good than what you imagine. Grand Criminal Online is a free game available on Android, so install it to enjoy the super cool levels included here. The game is even better if you are a lover of things related to the action genre and racing, gunfight.

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