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Grim wanderings 2 MOD APK v1.100 (Unlocked Full Version)

Grim wanderings 2 MOD APK v1.100 (Unlocked Full Version)

Updated: 30-07-2022 (2 years ago)
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Grim wanderings 2
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Grim wanderings 2 MOD APK is a role-playing strategy game released by Ellenia games with more unique added features than the previous version.

In this game, you will play the role of brave people who defy the power of demons to fight them. This game will provide players with exciting role-playing experiences with tense encounters between the two factions. In this version 2, the game used a turn-based battle system with clever strategies, but the difficulty level increased compared to the old version.


Grim wanderings 2 MOD APK

Grim wanderings two has added many new features with important mechanics for players. The battle system will no longer be the classic Disciples expansion mode but an utterly standalone game with many different matches. The game’s graphics are also more improved, and you will probably notice it from the first time you play the game. With unique matching gameplay, the game will bring players exciting experiences worth having.


Grim wanderings two have added many races, from classic humans, elves, orcs, and many other rare races such as lizards; ratman will be selected to participate in battles with you. These characters are formed from two different components of society, race and caste. The game offers 25 types of characters and 37 different types of creatures for players to choose and arrange into their squad.

Grim wanderings 2 MOD APK


Grim wanderings 2 provides players with a deep role-playing system to perfectly embody the levels. Turn-based tactical battles, numerous quests, and standout events for players to enter and explore into the game’s world of strange and mysterious human creatures. In addition, a series of craft items in the game will help players build their base more developed. This game is really an exciting world for players to have exciting adventures.


Grim Wanderings 2 offers players a unique RPG experience from Dungeons and Dragons with exciting turn-based battles. At the beginning of the game, players will be given their race and choose the races they want to participate in with your character’s race. The player is first shown eight cards face up, and then those cards are flipped face down and shuffled. In the end, you have to choose a card; if it is successful, your binoculars will save the drowning man in the game. If not, vice versa.

Grim wanderings 2 MOD APK


The game uses a strategic battle system, and each character will have a different attack chance every turn. The spells that the character casts only work at a reasonably wide range, while melee attacks can be used at closer range to destroy the enemy quickly. If you want to protect specific characters from harm, you can move them behind another member to keep the strong members of the team.

This is a unique turn-based fighting game with many different attractive matches. This role-playing game is added with many new types of characters and races for players to choose from. In addition, more events, quests, and craft items are added to give players a chance to participate and show off their commanding talents.

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