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GT Manager MOD APK is an extremely unique racing game for Android phones. But are you really the driver of the racing cars in this game or not? Join us to find out right below to get the answer.

GT Manager MOD APK

You must have watched a racing match, maybe on TV, you could watch it live, or just listen to a glimpse of news and news. Great sport, riders driving the car at the highest speed, overcoming every opponent to aspire to be the first. But not many people pay attention to one big influence on those victories, which is the racing team. In addition to the drivers who are driving cars, directly participating in the competition, there is still technical staff, they improve day and night, maintain the car to get the best quality and tactical members, leader,… They all try to bring victory for themselves. Thanks to the special appeal of racing, many racing games have been born, most of them just sit to drive, rely heavily on the player’s skills to win, or at best, only to the car upgrade stage. There are also all other jobs that we completely ignored. If you are looking for a comprehensive game that gives you an overview of what a racing team is like, the GT Manager game is exactly what you have been looking for.

Game background

The game does not have a specific context or plot. All you know is that you are assigned to the job of managing a racing team, everything from managing drivers, vehicles, car parts, … has to go through your hands. Of course, in the role of a manager you will not really be racing, it is all the job of the racer. So how can this be called a racing game when you are not racing? The answer is that you will have a special way of racing, the way you do not have to get in the driver’s seat.

Special gameplay

You will enter a race as a tactical leader. Because the driver is not an almighty person, they cannot focus on the track, keep track of the opponent’s position, while monitoring the vehicle’s condition. They need help from the tactical lead who is taking a good look at that race. You’ll do the job of directing the riders to what speed they should drive when to overtake, when to keep distance from the opponent and when the car needs to enter a service station. Combine your tactics with a good racer, a good car, and a team of good engineering, the sweet victory will come to your side.

Highly customizable

Almost everything a racing team has to do is through your hands. At first, you will only have amateurs, with cars and parts that are too ordinary. But when you enter high-end tournaments, you won’t be able to win with just that. The game is available to many different riders from amateur, professional to world-class. You can recruit them, place them in the tracks of their strength and even practice to make them even stronger.

The original car parts are also very normal, but you will get rewards for completing a race, achieving a certain achievement. In those rewards, there are a lot of gold coins and many high-end components. You can install those components to match the track and the driver of the vehicle. In addition, you can use the gold coins obtained to buy more specified parts in the shop.

Online battle mode

Each race usually has about 20 riders, however, each team has a maximum of 2 cars that can participate in the tournament. In this game, you will be teamed up with a certain player in the world, each with 2 cars, plus 16 computer-controlled cars to create an interesting match. Of course, the top-ranking is only for a single person, who will be the winner, you or your opponent, or an anonymous robot character.

Beautiful 3D graphics

The game is equipped with 2D graphics while outside the management interface and 3D graphics while in battle. With a top-down view and a small map next to it, you can completely grasp all of your opponent’s location. Thereby getting the correct, timely direction to the ultimate win.

GT Manager MOD APK version

The game is scheduled to be released for free on Google Play, but for some reason, the game will only be distributed to certain players. If you are one of those who do not satisfy the criteria from Google, then do not worry too much, you can use our GT Manager MOD APK instead. The version is no different from the original, only it is distributed to all players around the world and without any conditions. Along with this version you can own a large sum of money, you will have the best team with this money.

Download GT Manager MOD APK for Android

It is a pity that such a great game couldn’t become famous just because of their conditions. Hopefully, in the coming time, they will soon overcome the difficulties and release the game to everyone. At that time we can have the main road supporting them. Anyway, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments of this post.

What's new

  • Defending statistic for the drivers has been reworked
  • New UI during races
  • Better blueprint distribution
  • The daily offers have been reworked for VIP players
  • Improved inventory management when a better card is available
  • Various issues have been fixed including the VIP event and the level up

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