Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK 1.08 (Cheat)

Last updated: 08/10/2021 (4 days ago)

Latest Version1.08
MOD InfoCheat
PublisherRockstar Games
PackageGoogle Play Link
MOD info
– Free Download
– MOD content at will
How to install 1.08 version?
1. Download APK and DATA file
2. Unzip the DATA file to Android/data. (The exact path is “Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa”)
3. Install APK file and play game.
*Maybe not work on Android 11
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Download GTA 5 MOD APK | Grand Theft Auto V for Android to fight the world’s most dangerous underground criminal gangs.

Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK

About GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK

Referring to the legendary names in the world game market, it is impossible not to mention the GTA game series, with the last and most complete version is GTA V MOD APK. The game inherits the plot of its predecessor – GTA IV, but mainly revolves around raising the status of the main character in the US underworld.

GTA V has gameplay that does not belong to any specific genre, it includes action, adventure, racing,… And the plot content is modeled after real events in America. At the time of early 2013 when the game was first released, it received mixed opinions because it contained adult content and violent elements. But after all, GTA V is still one of the best and most popular games of all time. Join us to find out details about this game in the article below.


GTA V has a plot revolving around 3 notorious criminals: Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton in Los Santos. Michale is a married man. But in the process of living together, there were too many conflicts in the family: the wife cheated, the children hated it,… Although she tried to heal, it was still in vain, Michale’s family was broken. Since then, he determined to step into the underworld with many terrorist and robbery cases with Trevor. However, conflicts continue to arise, causing Michale to decide to retire and enjoy a normal life.

Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK

Nine years later, a young gangster named Franklin learns of Michale’s reputation and finds him. Franklin wants help to realize great ambitions in the path of conquering the underworld. Both continue to carry out thousands of robberies and terrorism in the underworld. Since then, the three names Michale, Trevor and Franklin have become three famous bandits in the GTA V world.

Depending on the player’s decisions, GTA V will have 3 different endings. And all is an unhappy ending.


GTA V is a game developed from the original console of the old console, so the graphics of the game are not really smooth. We can easily see the pretty rough points in details such as buildings, vehicles, clothes,… Overall, the “ragdoll” effect is considered indented compared to GTA IV. But is that a sign of a game failure? Of course not, because this game has never been a pioneer in the graphics technology race.

Realistic depiction of the world

Developer RockStar North has turned Los Santos into the most realistic fantasy city ever. The small details, interesting details that create the characteristics of the city that we often meet in real life are also included in the game.

Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK

The pedestrians were also portrayed truthfully. As in Vinewood, the locals are usually very friendly, and when you say something they say hello again. Sometimes you will even glance at someone and they will even turn their heads to look at you. Or when you join the traffic, if you hit someone, you will receive the greetings, or you will be beaten for a match. All of these things make the player fully immersed in the game.

Now, passersby are no longer puppets just to test guns, but they are like beings with real thoughts and actions.

Performance optimization

In addition to the significantly upgraded graphics, this version is also optimized by the developer of the hardware of the machine. Machines with low average performance still do well in GTA V. Moreover, instead of being limited to 60 fps, this version is completely rid of the limit. When starting the game, you also do not need to care about the configuration because the game will automatically choose the configuration suitable for the mobile device.

Download GTA V MOD APK for Android

If you are looking for an attractive, authentic game, Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK is definitely the first choice. Surely you will not regret setting aside a position for this game. Please leave your comment below the article if there are any problems while downloading the game!

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