Gunstars – Battle Royale APK v1.2.27

Update on March 22, 2023 (8 months ago)

Gunstars – Battle Royale APK v1.2.27

Update on March 22, 2023 (8 months ago)

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About Gunstars – Battle Royale

Experience gun battles with new style in Gunstars APK. Although it is only a pre-registered version for users to try, it has been relatively fully updated with all features. The publisher is gradually perfecting the game to bring users memorable moments of entertainment. You and your friends can participate in a gun battle, taking down the enemy within the allotted time to win. Choose your favorite character and outfit to confidently fight in this harsh environment. Do not ignore the arsenal of weapons with countless types of guns, use them all in turn to capture the characteristics of each type. Choosing our MOD version you will get the right to reload continuously, no need to waste time loading.

Build your playing strategy

Gunstars allows users to observe the match from a third-person perspective. You will see items such as wooden crates, trees on the map, the location of other players to decide on the direction to move. While moving, the player needs to take advantage of the objects to make his shield, waiting for the opportunity to launch a shot at the enemy. The match map is randomly arranged, constantly changing that users need to adapt quickly. The time of the match is not too long, within 3 minutes you have to do everything possible to get your opponent to get bullets.

Unlock new characters and weapons

The character image is taken care of by Gunstars, these are all completely new characters with unique looks. They have many different styles, so are the clothes they usually wear. There are strong boys who always want to wear sportswear, but there are also girls with personality and active short skirts. Players can completely change the costumes of the characters. Weapons are also invested with a completely new design, you can’t find it in any other game. Its mechanism of action is still the same as a gun, but with more special features. Get familiar with each type to start the match easily.

Diverse game modes

Currently with the Pre-register version, Gunstars provides players with two main modes: Trio and Deathmatch. Coming to Trio mode, players can form teams of three with other players. Invite your friends or random match is allowed. Work together to defeat other players. As for the Deathmatch mode, the player works alone, making decisions for all directions of movement. You have to do to defeat as many players as possible. Whoever lives to the end is the winner.

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