High School Girl Life Sim 3D
High School Girl Life Sim 3D

High School Girl Life Sim 3D Mod APK v2.4.2 (Unlimited Money, Levels Unlocked)

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App Name High School Girl Life Sim 3D
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Levels Unlocked
Version 2.4.2
Size 54M
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High School Girl Life Sim 3D MOD APK is a highly new and exciting game; players experience the life of a lovely and unique schoolgirl.

The game gives you a lot of fun with the daily activities of the high school girl at her school. You seem to be back in your beautiful youth sky again. Players can experience everything in this school garden youth place. The game opens up to you many attractive missions for you to conquer and overcome. In order to have the most perfect and wonderful experience, players need to prepare their character fully before going to school. Players are able to do things that they missed in their school days or experienced before this academic life.


When participating in the High School Girl Life Sim 3D, you are provided with various characters. The game offers an extremely rich and diverse character inventory, and it allows you to freely and freely choose the characters you want. You will have an exciting and attractive experience with the characters you love. Each character will bring you many unique and exciting things, so you should also consider carefully when choosing.

High School Girl Life Sim 3D MOD APK


After choosing for themselves a suitable character, the player needs to prepare them with lovely clothes. It would help if you went to the collection of in-game shops to shop for more and more gorgeous outfits. The characters are even more beautiful when wearing eye-catching costumes like these. Not only that, but players can also choose for their character the hairstyle as long as they like. The outfits are constantly being updated in the collection, so make sure you earn a lot of money and shop for them.


Coming to High School Girl Life Sim 3D, players must also meet the requirements that the school in particular or the game, in general, has set. Although you are allowed to customize your clothes and hairstyle, you must follow the school’s rules. At the same time, players are not allowed to be late to school, must eat well, and especially not truant. At the same time, the player also needs to take the test like normal school life in real life. Players get to feel the most authentic feel of student life.

High School Girl Life Sim 3D MOD APK


Players can enjoy moments of fun entertainment with friends and enjoy the love stories of adulthood. For adults, you can re-enjoy the fervor of youth. As for the younger kids, they can experience to learn more experience. You can make friends and exchange, get to know many other friends in the learning environment. You can learn together, have fun and help in the learning process. All activities of student life both bring you new and genuine feelings.


Players also face many challenges and thorns. Also, thanks to these challenges, your student life has become more exciting and memorable than ever. You must complete the tasks excellently in order to receive valuable and attractive rewards. The game sets out tasks to challenge your ability, and it takes you to new horizons and unforgettable experiences. Players face many different missions and increasing levels, which makes you feel more interesting without being bored when playing.

High School Girl Life Sim 3D MOD APK


  • Feel free to choose for yourself an appropriate character to be able to experience the youth living in the school garden perfectly.
  • Provide a variety of costumes and beautiful hairstyles for your characters and make them beautiful and outstanding, and you can also unlock more new outfits to enrich its collection.
  • Fully comply with the school’s rules and fully participate in classes as well as fully comply with the school’s requirements.
  • Exchange and make new friends with many new friends and learn, have fun and train yourself better and better to perfect yourself; in addition, you can also experience passionate and romantic love stories of student life.
  • The gameplay is straightforward, and the graphics are very eye-catching and beautiful, providing a great entertainment space and giving players moments of relaxation, the most authentic experience.
  • Complete the assigned tasks excellently and receive many attractive rewards and valuable titles, unlocking more unique items.
Download (54M)
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