Hometown Romance MOD APK v8.0 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Update on August 25, 2022 (1 year ago)

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Hometown Romance


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Unlimited Diamonds

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Still following the motif of a familiar romantic love story, but Hometown Romance MOD APK has a new approach to help users have a unique experience. The MOD APK version of Hometown Romance is available at MODDER.ME, click the Download button and enjoy this interesting game.

Hometown Romance MOD APK

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Diamonds

Install Hometown Romance MOD APK

To install Hometown Romance MOD APK for Android, you need to do a few steps below.

  1. Download our Hometown Romance MOD APK file.
  2. On your device, search the APK file you just downloaded and install.
  3. Follow the installation steps and complete.

Love stories always attract a large number of players (mostly women) by knowing how to capture and strike the taste. If you are a lover of romantic role-playing simulation games, products from Pretty Teen Games will surely satisfy your requirements. In this game, you will play the role of a teenage girl with relationships surrounding her life. Join the world in the game to help girls unravel the knots of relationships and experience a colorful life.


Life in the city is so pressured that the main character decides to return to Greekmore – where she was born and spent her childhood here. On the day you return, you met Mark, a best friend after 5 years apart, has become a handsome guy. When he saw Mark, many emotions and unforgettable childhood memories suddenly flooded back. How would you handle them, indulge or find a way to overcome it? Can you find true love for yourself? Everything is up to you to decide.


Hometown Romance skillfully integrates relationships in everyday life such as friendship, love, family. Participating in the game, you will be a part of this world and have to solve the events that revolve around you. Depending on the choices you make, you’ll end up with a happy ending or a broken heart.

Create your own character

Different from games of the same genre when you are only able to play the role of an available character. In Hometown Romance, you will be able to create the main character in this story. Design a dream girl in the style you want. Customize your name and choose outfits with eye-catching and modern fashions. Do you like to be a personality girl with bright red hair, or a gentle intellectual girl with high-tied black hair?

Events taking place in Hometown Romance

Possessing a romantic plot, Hometown Romance will bring you up the levels of emotions according to each scene of the story. Depending on the different relationships that you can make choices for the correct answer. In addition, you will also experience real-life stories, events, funny jokes and even heartbreaking tragedies. Do you accept to open your heart and overcome the trauma caused by the past to hold the hand of your loved one and lead to the prospect of happiness?

Impressive graphics

As an interactive game, owning impressive graphics and building beautiful characters are the basic conditions. That will be more interesting to the player and easier to lead into the story. NPC characters are designed with beautiful looks with stylish fashion. Especially to mention Mark, he possesses an appearance similar to Edward (the main character in Twilight), making the female sex fall in one eye.

Hometown Romance is an offline game, so you can play it anywhere. Currently, the game supports more than 7 different languages, promising to become more popular in the future.

Download Hometown Romance MOD APK for Android

Hometown Romance owns an interesting storyline with great graphics. The game has succeeded in building a story revolving around players with a variety of events and options. The end of Hometown Romance will be your choice. So what are you waiting for without experiencing right now?

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