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House Flip MOD APK v4.3.1 (Adfree)

House Flip MOD APK v4.3.1 (Adfree)

Updated: 28-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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House Flip MOD APK is a new simulation game where players buy old houses, renovate those houses and sell them for a higher profit. House Flip MOD APK is for those who want to test their construction and design talents. Anyone can experience the feeling of rebuilding homes from clearing rubble, repainting the walls in the house to arranging furniture, amenities and building gardens and landscapes. around the house. This design is very important because it directly affects the selling price of the house. If you do not complete the task of repairing it, you will not be able to sell it at a high price for your own benefit.


As I introduced at the beginning, your main job in House Flip is to buy an old house, fix it and sell it to someone in need. It sounds like there are only a few simple steps, but if you have started doing it, you will understand its difficulty as well as feel the attraction of the game. Construction work and interior design are loved by many people. The game will give you instructions in the right corner of the screen what you need to do with the house. Take turns using the tools to complete the instructions. There are lots of fun steps such as crafting a new paint color you love, or buying furniture and putting it in your home. Initially, you will not have much capital, so you can only complete the most basic steps. Resell the house with a moderate profit, but the later you have capital, the better you can improve it and earn a higher profit. Feel free to show off your design talent.


House Flip has a whole small city where there are many houses and buildings of many different players. Anyone can walk around the city from a third-person perspective and explore the distinctive architecture. If you want to find out which housing style is popular, go and observe the people. In addition, every place is an opportunity for you to explore the world that the game built. Learning about real estate knowledge from neighboring areas will expand the customer base. From there, the job of selling your home becomes even more convenient.


For large projects, you will not have enough capital to do it alone. So, House Flip allows players to form chat groups together and hunt for bonuses from completing quests. In addition, forming a group of friends is very beneficial because people can exchange information with each other about cheap old houses, ways to design beautiful houses and attract more and more customers. . There are also many rankings for players to compete with each other, earning more rewards.


In addition to the main job of designing and selling houses, House Flip also creates other mini-games for players to entertain. For example, a card game. You will have to flip the cards in a certain amount of time. Remember the picture on the card and every time you flip two of the same cards at the same time, you have succeeded. In addition, there are many other minigames waiting for you to discover. Continuously level up and get rewards from the mysterious gift box.


In fact, the graphics of House Flip are not appreciated. Although the pictures of furniture, the texture of the simulated houses is relatively close to reality. But the movements in the game do not seem very real. For example, when you wipe dirt on the wall or roll paint, the movement of the game makes it clear that these tools are not actually touching the surface of the wall. Publishers need to overcome these disadvantages to create a more realistic feeling and increase the enjoyment of doing tasks for players.


  • House Flip gives players a lot of combined features for entertainment, both satisfying the needs of redesigning houses and earning money from business.
  • Discover unique architecture in the city, get inspired to design your home to keep up with the trend, sell it for a premium price.
  • Balance between costs and revenue, don’t let the price of your home drop too low or buy expensive items that are not suitable for that house.
  • Minigames and events are held continuously for every player to compete for the ranking position and earn more rewards for themselves.
  • Beautifully simulated 3D graphics allow you to view the house you design from many different angles.
  • The interface of the game is relatively friendly, an idle game that does not need to be manipulated quickly but focuses on accuracy and aesthetics.

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