Hustle Castle
Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle Mod APK v1.62.0 (God Mode)

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App Name Hustle Castle
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Version 1.62.0
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Hustle Castle MOD APK help players role-playing the destruction of a large medieval castle in a certain land. Build castles and create a strong army to destroy monsters.

Hustle Castle: Medieval games will be a game that gives its players a special medieval experience. If you are a person who is looking for information, activities and cultures of the medieval people, this will be the right game for you. With this game, all the special activities of a king to the people will also be described carefully and extremely truthfully.


Hustle Castle MOD APK

Hustle Castle will bring players back to the medieval times and they will have the opportunity to become a multi-talented commander of a magnificent castle in a distant land. However, in the beginning, your castle is still nothing but a mess and a few scattered people living here. And this will be the time for you to embark on the job of building a castle and building an empire headed by yourself. Surely not only you but also the people around you also contribute a little effort to help.

A magnificent and sturdy castle will have many different rooms, so you will have to complete the small rooms first before you can progress to building more complex structures. You will order the villagers to use shovels to dig deep into the ground and create rooms such as workshops, hospitals or barracks. No need to do too much, but with just a few taps, you can easily have a castle of your dreams.

Hustle Castle MOD APK


Naturally, things will not be so simple because your castle is threatened by the attack of monsters and especially they are extremely crowded. As a ruler, you must plan to fight those ferocious monsters and protect the castle and your people. Fortunately, you will not be fighting alone, but instead will send your subjects to the battlefield. They were just ordinary people at first, but with training they could become stronger than ever.

They will learn new combat skills and after a while mastered, you can create a strong army. In addition, you also receive rare items to equip your subjects from opening treasure chests. They can be very useful items or some powerful weapons so you should not ignore them. It is important that you take care of your soldiers by feeding them to increase their strength to destroy the monsters.

Hustle Castle MOD APK


And to be able to bring you a fascinating experience, the system of challenges has been developed. You will find the difficulties that will appear in your game through very special challenges. Your kingdom-building quests will likely encounter tough times and interruptions when you’ll be met with harassment from obnoxious monsters.

To be able to continue building your kingdom, you will have to control your army to destroy the monsters. You will choose for yourself the strongest warriors to have extremely attractive matches with those monsters. After that, your job will become extremely simple to observe how your army wins against Hustle Castle’s challenges pose.

Hustle Castle MOD APK


The rewards will also be very valuable after you complete the difficult challenges that Hustle Castle offers when fighting monsters. Depending on how your army wins the matches, you will receive a corresponding reward. And the rewards received in return will be a large amount of money and diamonds to perform other jobs.

The money and diamonds you earn from wars will be used to build your kingdom to become more prosperous. Upgrading the knights protecting your kingdom along with improving the lives of the people will be the tasks that you need to use the money and diamonds earned. And you can also completely build dating rooms for your villagers to have more babies and develop the population system in your kingdom.

Hustle Castle MOD APK


  • The game is developed based on the familiar but extremely attractive Role Playing game genre.
  • Take part in a life inspired and set in the Middle Ages to gain insight into this period’s culture and way of life.
  • You will have for yourself the main task of building yourself an extremely spacious castle depending on your preferences.
  • Training your people to have good knowledge and skills will make the kingdom grow rapidly.
  • Battle hordes of disruptive monsters for valuable rewards and use them to grow your kingdom.
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