Last updated: December 28th, 2020

Are you a person with a particular passion for painting? You do not have enough tools to fulfill your dreams, because sometimes the pictures need too many special tools to complete? Then download the latest version of ibis Paint X now for your best pictures!

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Introducing ibis Paint X

If you are a painting enthusiast, you must also know the special tools in this subject. If you want to draw manga/anime, you must use a paper background distributed by Holbein or Maruman. There are dozens of types of drawing pens, such as pens, pencils, marker pens, markers,… that need to be prepared. Not everyone has the economy to own them all. But thanks to the remarkable development of science and technology 4.0, you can completely realize your dream with just a smartphone, namely using the ibis Paint X application.

Not only do they provide a full range of tools for users to complete their work, but ibis Paint X also helps them join a community of fellow enthusiasts. Here, you can feel free to share your works and learn from your predecessors’ experiences.

How to use the ibis Paint X

When you start the app will see the option “My Gallery” light up. Just click on it, then click on “canvas” and start drawing. There are 3 different paper sizes for you to choose from 1:1, 3:4, 16:9. You can also choose a resolution for the picture to be drawn. There are two main options: SD and HD, respectively, in small and large format. But consider when choosing a resolution, because the size of the HD picture is usually very large. If your smartphone doesn’t have enough memory, all effort is wasted.

Professional features

The application supports users to draw many different types of paintings, but the most used is Manga / Anime. Seeing the needs of its users, ibis Paint X’s development department has focused on optimizing this area. All brushes, fill colors, frame alignment, font editing,… are integrated into this application. Once you’ve finished your draft, you can color it to bring the story to life. There are 3 color tones to choose from HSB, RGB, and Gradient. These are also the tones that professional artists often use to create famous story pages. If you are not confident in your coloring ability, the system also has a color filter feature for you to use. Currently, the app has more than 30 color filters and promises to add more in the future.

More professional skills

If you are just starting out in drawing, don’t worry. Because ibis Paint X also offers a wide variety of theoretical lectures and practical tutorials for humans. You will be instructed to use each feature in the application in detail and clearly. Professional artists are all very hard-working, they often start their careers from a young age and continuously practice improving their skills. So if you want to progress in this profession, please work hard!

MOD APK version of ibis Paint X

Currently, ibis Paint X is distributed on Google Play free but is locked with many features. You can unlock them all by upgrading to Premium, the price is not too expensive. But if you want to experience the features before spending money, please use our MOD version.

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Download ibis Paint X MOD APK for Android

If you are a drawing enthusiast, what are you waiting for without immediately installing this application on your smartphone? The latest version has been updated by us in the link below the description.