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Idle Crafting Empire Tycoon MOD APK v0.9.82 (Instant Prestige Level)

Idle Crafting Empire Tycoon MOD APK v0.9.82 (Instant Prestige Level)

Updated: 26-08-2022 (2 years ago)
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Idle Crafting Empire Tycoon
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Idle Crafting Empire MOD APK is a simple, classic and addictive simulation game suitable for all types of players. This is the perfect place to showcase your business talent and tap into your strategy. You don’t need to do much but still enjoy the idle profit every second. It is a long journey that requires patience and a lot of right decisions on your part. From a pickaxe or a small hatchet, work hard and you’ll have what traders want to trade most. Get rich by operating industrial facilities and mass producing new gadgets. Contact Idle Crafting Empire’s best business partners, to turn your model into a craft with huge profit potential.

Research and gather materials to build an industrial empire

Initially the player will receive nothing. The game allows you to build different factories to craft gold and metals into valuable crafting tools in the market. You will be allowed to explore around the forests to get wood, pick up rocks and gravel in the mountains. These are all places to store resources suitable for construction. And there are also a lot of materials in other places, which combine to create tools. Your job is to send adventurers to new areas of the island, to research and exploit. You can also build and expand factories to turn raw materials into valuable resources and products. And you also only need to hire a supplier to sell the product in the market. Money will automatically add to your pocket, isn’t that cool?

Production and sale of products

Production usually takes a long time unless you upgrade the factory and improve the production rate per second. In addition, over time, you can build more factories and automate the production process with modern technology and machines. No need to click continuously to level up or build, just spend money in one click. The extraction of ingredients is also quite simple and does not take much time. When we combine ingredients, a new product is created. For example, items used in daily life, appliances that help mass production and generate large profits.

Once products are made in the factory, you have to sell them to make money. You won’t need to go to the market and offer your own product. You just need to hire the most talented sales people and they will bring you useless money. Each seller has their own metrics that you need to manage. You also need to upgrade them to improve experience points. With a better experience, the seller will sell the product at a higher price and earn more profit. You can track your sales through intuitive management categories.

Moving to new areas to mine

Just like in real life, resources are not always infinite, if mining reaches a certain stage, it will lead to scarcity and depletion. This does not mean your work will be done. Instead, you need to search and move to a new area to mine. The terrain will definitely be different there. To find out how many resources you need in the new areas, follow the map. Information about this area will appear so that you know the exact amount of trees, mountains, sand… You will have to calculate what this area is like, how potential it is. Then decide to move in or not.

Simple and intuitive design

Unlike many other games, this game is designed for 2D platform only. And it doesn’t bring too many vivid images. Instead, you’ll manage everything through intuitive on-screen control panels within each category. You can find important information like level, sales, production speed, etc. of each plant component. Along with that, background music with catchy tunes will boost your concentration. Download now Idle Crafting Empire MOD APK to become a rich businessman!!

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