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Do you want to be a dungeon manager where monsters are lurking? Join now Idle Dungeon Manager MOD APK to experience it! This is a role-playing game for Android mobile devices and is suitable for ages 3 and up. In this, the player takes on the important role of having to assemble a team of heroes to work together to manage the dungeon. In this dangerous place, there are many monsters living and ready to attack you at any time. The more challenges, the more attractive, right? The unlimited money feature that our MOD version gives you will help you quickly unlock more new heroes and raise them to the highest level.

About Idle Dungeon Manager MOD APK – The best offline RPG game on Android

Role-playing games have become so familiar to the gaming community. However, not every game is worth your time. In order not to waste time choosing, I will immediately introduce you to Idle Dungeon Manager. In this game, the player will play the role of a hero, not acting alone, you need to gather in your team, other members. The monsters are breaking through the prison to get out, if they reach the place where humans live, all the civilians will be harmed. Only you with extraordinary powers can carry out the task of stopping them. Going through many treacherous terrains, encountering many terrible monsters, I am sure the bravery of the heroes can overcome them all. Although just released, this game has attracted a certain number of supporters and many compliments.

Assemble your own hero squad

When starting out, Idle Dungeon Manager will provide you with the most basic character for you to participate in a simple battle. After the player understands how to play, he can adjust everything himself. The reward after each win will be Diamonds and Ruby. You can use diamonds to unlock new characters or collect practice books. This game builds a very diverse character system. Each character has their own name with different weapons and combat abilities. These heroes will be graded by color, the lowest is blue and the highest is purple. The odds of getting a regular character are naturally higher. But do not hesitate to open new characters because you can completely upgrade them.

Upgrade to increase combat ability

As I said above, you can also use your gems for upgrades. Green heroes can completely have the strong fighting ability if they are equipped with more armor, helmets, magic rings, stronger weapons. But if you already have a purple character then I think you should equip the highest level items for this character. Because it will increase their strength many times compared to normal characters. Never underestimate the upgrade because ahead of you there are many formidable monsters waiting. As long as you are subjective, you can be completely defeated.

Lots of challenges

Similar to the hero character, Idle Dungeon Manager also divides monsters into different levels. From low to high-level corresponding to their ability to fight back. Shapes of monsters are also very diverse such as wolves, spiders, bees, giant snakes,… The deeper you go into the prison, the more terrifying monsters you have to deal with. In addition, the game is divided into large stages according to each island, the battle terrain changes so that players do not get bored. With Idle Dungeon Manager, you do not need to be connected to the internet and still go through every step carefree.

Flexible strategy change

You can’t work alone because it’s possible to be attacked by multiple monsters at once. Idle Dungeon Manager allows players to form groups of heroes up to three people to fight side by side. This is when your intelligence needs to be unleashed. With a strategy to arrange the squad so that it is reasonable, your chances of winning will be high. For example, you should let the hero with a sword weapon be at the top of the squad to melee monsters. And the archers stood behind to support shooting. During the game, the hero’s position can be changed flexibly.

Attractive graphics and sound

Idle Dungeon Manager 3D graphics are quite impressive. Every landscape or character is built in detail and beauty. The colors are interwoven between light and dark colors that make players feel excited. The effect emitted when the character hits are also extremely beautiful. In addition, the sound of the game is also attractive. You can hear the sounds of weapons, monsters, and the hero you’re controlling. All combined to create a reasonable space for entertainment anytime, anywhere.

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