Idle Farming Tycoon MOD APK v0.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

Update on August 23, 2022 (1 year ago)

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Idle Farming Tycoon


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Unlimited Money

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Do you dream of becoming a rich farmer billionaire? Download now Idle Farming Tycoon MOD APK latest for Android to become an idle billionaire, build and expand your farming empire. In the MOD version, we give you unlimited money to be able to start the game easily.

About Idle Farming Tycoon MOD APK

Idle Farming Tycoon is an idle simulation game that allows players to become a rich man with farm management, cattle raising and building food processing factories from available ingredients on the farm. mine. Let’s start working hard to create quality products from the agricultural industry, earn idle money to become a rich millionaire tycoon.

Idle Farming Tycoon MOD APK

Idle games are no longer strange to gamers on Android. In particular, players can easily find popular idle games on MODDER.ME such as Idle Miner Tycoon, Idle Farm Tycoon… In this article, we want to bring players the same game genre but the gameplay has been improved. Published by Titan Arrow Games, this game is currently one of the most loved idle simulation games. Let’s explore the content of this game in our review.

Manage your idle farm

Have you thought that one day you can leave the city to return to the peaceful countryside to settle down? Become an idle manager now from jobs like building and upgrading the farm from the days of starting as a small farm. Improve your productivity by automating the chain of food processing plants, invest in better human resources and renovate them to be useful monetization tools for you. Don’t forget, give them a good salary to motivate them to work more.

Idle Farming Tycoon MOD APK Download

The farmer you hire will do the fieldwork for you. Start being a boss to understand the pressures of being a real boss. You need to control your employees, expand the factory and hire more workers, buy more equipment for the job. There are many jobs that a farmer has to do in this game. They will take care of your crops like corn, wheat, weeding, coffee, potatoes, tomatoes, rice, cabbage, tea or tropical fruits. Moreover, a simulation farm will not be complete without lovely livestock such as pigs, cows, chickens, goats, sheep…

Transport your crops to the familiar village

Idle Farm Tycoon is different from other idle games in that players are required to transport their crops to their village. The more the player transports crops and food to their village, the more the village itself will grow and can quickly become a busy neighborhood. Work hard and bring good results to your homeland. Initially, players will be transported goods by ferry, after developing your factory and bringing in large amounts of money from idle work, you can upgrade and unlock new vehicles such as boats, ships or a plane of your own to be able to transport goods faster.

Idle Farming Tycoon MOD APK for android

Grow your village to city

The main feature in Idle Farm Tycoon is to invest and develop your beloved city. Maximize and automate your farming to promote the growth of the city by delivering crops to the city and making your people happy. Your farming empire is also made stronger by advances in science and research into new crops, new technologies and factory expansion. By earning free money from your workers, you will soon become a rich farmer billionaire. Your vegetable and livestock farm will become the most profitable farm in the world. Moreover, you can also make your own branded drinks. Boost your business now for dubious results.

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