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Menu, Money, 10 Features

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Idle Five Basketball Tycoon Mod APK (Menu, Money, 10 Features) is an idle game where players manage the team and face different opponents. Each athlete has diverse qualities and skills that help earn points. Idle Five Basketball Tycoon gives you an exciting role to manage the team and overcome the challenges that this game brings. You will earn money from the athletes you recruit, and the amount they make will depend on the number of your upgrades. At the same time, you also easily overcome challenging levels when using the exact skills of the character.


In Idle Five Basketball Tycoon, players will form a basketball team where athletes will make you rich over time. The number of characters in a team will include five people with different skills and physical characteristics to help you come to victory over other opponents. At the same time, this game offers idle experiences that any player will easily access.

The game does not require too much skill in terms of players, so you will only need to care about the athletes’ stats and the mechanics that this game introduces. The first job you will need to do is choose the five characters that the game offers into the five vacant positions. Also, the last location will be important to unlock when the others are already unlocked. During the match, the player will use the character’s skills.


Once you’ve added the athletes to their correct positions, you’ll see how much each paper they’ve earned in Idle Five Basketball Tycoon. So, the first job you need to do is straightforward: you will touch the cards of these characters to collect the money earned. A notable point that players will need to pay attention to is that the amount will continuously increase over time, and you will be able to choose when to collect it. At the same time, the game also allows you to play in any condition and position.

The upgrade feature commonly found in idle games also appears and is applied to upgrading athletes’ stats. One of the important upgraded stats is that you can help them increase the amount of money they earn. So you will only need to spend a certain amount of money, and a few minutes later, a larger amount will be sent to you. Sure, when you upgrade them to a level, the skills also appear to aid them in the match.

The second job that the game gives you is winning basketball battles, and it is not difficult and requires a lot of skill. Five characters will face each other, and each side will need to earn as many points as possible until time runs out. Also, when the team’s core can have the ball and activate his skills, you can score more points, especially when that character uses lightning shots.


The Idle Five Basketball Tycoon matches will be completely interesting for players and will take place in different locations. So, you will gradually go through many different levels and try to achieve the best. At the same time, if you are lucky, you will get impressive bonuses such as a safe and a safe that will have various bonuses that you cannot ignore. One of them is an item to change characters.

The character will have different qualities in this game, so any player wants to have a rare character. At the same time, when there are enough required items to exchange characters, do not hesitate to bring them to your team. They will have outstanding skills and traits as they can be upgraded over time. They will contribute to your earnings and help you win against different opponents you meet later on.

A team requires your guidance to overcome various challenges:

  • Players will manage the team with different characters and collect the money they earn to develop the team.
  • This money can be used to upgrade the stats of the characters on the team you manage and exploit the potential of their skills.
  • The matches will take place in a short time with the requirement to win by team points, and you can use skills to complete it quickly.
  • Over time, you’ll get items like safes that unlock impressive rewards like money, items, and more.
  • You can recruit new athletes to make the team stronger and use the collected items to exchange them and bring them back to the team.

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