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Idle Inn Empire Tycoon MOD APK v2.7.0 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Idle Inn Empire Tycoon MOD APK v2.7.0 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Updated: 26-02-2024 (5 months ago)
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Idle Inn Empire Tycoon
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Unlimited Money/Unlocked
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Become a talented manager and grow your restaurant empire in Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod APK. The latest MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version is on our page. You can download it to get unlimited money in abundance and refurbish your restaurant chain.

About Idle Inn Empire Tycoon MOD APK

Idle Inn Empire Tycoon is a row management game with a medieval setting. Players will have the task of developing their restaurant chain to attract customers and grow as big as possible. With simple, creative but attractive gameplay, it will definitely turn short moments of entertainment into more interesting.

Build your own inn

Initially, when you come to Idle Inn Empire Tycoon, you will receive the management of a small dilapidated inn. Your task is to refurbish the inn to attract more visitors. Initially, you will still be provided with a small amount of money just enough to use, so there is no need to worry. Use that money to buy more ingredients, utensils as well as tables and chairs and some decorations. Use it as a springboard to develop your dream restaurant chain.

Dedicated customer service

Every day your inn will serve a lot of customers from all over the world. Because of the large number of people, you will encounter many different service requests. Some people come to your inn just to eat and drink, some come to rest or simply stop to have fun. Your task is to try to please everyone. Because if they do not meet their requirements, they will leave for another restaurant. Along this street, there will be many other inns, so the competition is very high, don’t let guests fall into other inns.

Make your hostel attractive

As mentioned above, the competition between hostels is huge, so your restaurant must have something different to attract customers’ attention. It is not possible to reduce the price because it will reduce the restaurant’s revenue. So you will add other services to attract more customers as well as increase income. Some items you can build more include sauna, video game area, scuba diving, fishing,… After having a huge income, you can build more expensive scenic spots.

In addition to adding other services as well as building more decorative items, upgrading staff is also very important. Hire more staff in different positions such as cashier, cleaner, waitress,… Try to do your best to grow your restaurant empire!

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