Idle Pirates: Sea Adventures MOD APK v1.19.1 (Unlimited Money)

Update on June 21, 2022 (2 years ago)

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Download Idle Pirates Mod APK for Android and get ready for a challenging journey at sea, starting to dominate the whole sea.

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1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Crystals
3. Unlimited Chest Keys

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Idle Pirates: Sea Adventures


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Unlimited Money

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You are a true fan of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, you are impressed with the panoramic footage of the vast sea. Have you ever thought that one day you will become a pirate boss and discover many new things in your journey to explore the sea? Idle Pirates: Sea Adventures MOD APK will take you into the world of the sea and do what you want.

IDLE PIRATES: SEA ADVENTURES MOD APK – The fight to become a pirate

Join Idle Pirates: Sea Adventures to join the marine exploration race and become a pirate boss, ruling the sea. Thousands of tons of gold and countless challenges are waiting for you to conquer. Are you ready to start your ocean adventure? Let’s get started!


Along the way of sea exploration, the islands you mentioned are docked with a variety of businesses including pubs, mines, and many other types of businesses waiting for you to take over. On each island you take over businesses that generate extremely large profits, your task is to find and choose a variety of businesses that can bring huge revenue.


The businesses on the island are all targets of many other pirates. You have to fight other pirates to take the business of the islands. Fierce battles for businesses that earn a lot of revenue become more intense than ever, you need to prepare a quality crew and best equipped with the best weapons to defeat all who stand in your way. on the way to taking over businesses.


On the island with many cellars, factories, and mines, there will be many pirates present there ready to join the battle to own businesses. Join the fight to destroy other pirates by upgrading real quality weapons and having good fighting power. Weapons with good combat power will help you easily destroy all other pirates and you will not worry about any more opponents.


You will have to expand many cellar businesses. There are different gold mines on many islands, so you need to hire the strongest seafarers and the most professional island business managers. It is the quality management force that will keep the businesses taking over safe from the invasion of other pirates. In addition, the management team you hire will help you earn income and profits from the businesses they take over. Please choose and gather the force of both crew members and strong managers!


Having won many businesses on the islands, you and your crew continue to sail the boat to new seas to explore. On your journey to discover new waters, you will meet ships sailing under the command of other pirates, you can completely defeat your opponent’s ship to prevent the ship’s journey with the purpose of taking over the ship and robbing property at sea.


Besides upgrading your weapons, in this game, you also have the option to upgrade other items and upgrade your forces. Upgrade your seafaring ship to help your sea exploration go smoothly and withstand the attack of other ships if any. In addition, upgrading the quality of your crew is extremely important, you upgrade your crew by training them to become professional sailors, able to control ships, and help protect children. your ship if danger occurs.


There are 100 different levels, from easy to difficult. Later difficulty levels will have many enemies invading to take your business, so you must arrange your forces on the islands to be ready to fight. Conquer multiple levels to unlock amazing rewards and reap huge profits.


Stepping into the game, from the character image to the details such as: wine cellar, mine… are designed as standard in the famous movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Impressive graphics make you feel the realism of this adventure game.

With many exciting experiences, exploring many different oceans, Idle Pirates: Sea Adventures will make you more powerful than ever with the ability to own a ship at sea and take over the business. Are you ready to join the turbulent expedition and become a pirate boss? Quickly download and start exploring with Idle Pirates: Sea Adventures MOD APK.

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