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Update on March 25, 2022 (2 years ago)

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Download Idle Train Empire Mod APK for Android and start building your train chain building empire in 1840 in the Wooden Land and grow big.

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Idle Train Empire


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Have you ever thought that you have the ability to become a great service business person? Are you looking for business simulation games? The fact that the game genre about building empires created by themselves has never been hot. With Idle Train Empire MOD APK is no exception. Idle Train Empire is a business simulation game about building a large train management empire after you invest and upgrade your business services.


Coming to Idle Train Empire, you will transform into the heir of a train tycoon. You are the successor and develop the train according to your own management and development strategy to expand your empire and earn more revenue. Are you ready to build your own railroad business empire?


You want to make a big profit first, you need to invest in equipment for your train. Equipping with quality products will attract a large number of customers to come to use your train. To be able to equip and design trains, you must buy products and items to make your train more advanced.


Besides interior design in luxury trains, you also need to upgrade the quality and design of trains to increase aesthetics and make the trains you manage more upscale. Carry a lot of passengers at the starting stage of putting the ship into operation to make a profit and use the profits you earn to upgrade your ship! The amount of revenue you earn will unlock many new ship models, you have the right to choose and upgrade your current train to become more qualified.


At each stop of the train, there will be different items. The items are premium products for catering service on the train. Explore and collect a wide variety of products to enrich your ship’s menu. The train owns many different items that will greatly increase your profits.


Upgrading the quality of the ship not only attracts more customers but also expands the scale of the ship’s passenger journey. Let’s discover more places and new lands to make your train more active, increase great revenue and be known by many people!


Participating in this simulation game, besides the experience of becoming a large train manager, you are also immersed in the extremely impressive and sharp graphic design of this exciting game. With a scene from a quiet village to a bustling urban area, the graphics of this game have scored a huge plus with a super smooth and super sharp game design that brings a realistic gaming experience to players.


Don’t worry if you’re in the offline zone and worry the train won’t be able to continue earning revenue. This game completely solves the problem of being offline even when you are not in the game. In this simulation game, the train will continue to move to the place where you built the track to go to pick up guests, the revenue will continue to increase and you just need to access the game and aggregate your profits. have earned. So you can play anytime, anywhere without worrying about Internet connection problems.


When you realize that the revenue stream is large enough, you can completely think of expanding the new business model. Expand your business model by building more manufacturing plants, building more rails, and other service business models so that your passengers will experience more food and beverage services. Rest and play are within the scope of your business model. From there, your revenue stream continues to grow enormously.


This is a game that simulates your trading skills so you have to make the right trading strategy and apply it smartly. You should consider what you need to upgrade and improve first to attract passengers to choose the train you are managing. Map out a strategy and apply a smart strategy to help you get a lot of profit. Be the number one railway business tycoon!

With engaging content and the opportunity for you to discover your entrepreneurial talent in this super hot game. Join now Idle Train Empire to experience:

  • The job of the business manager.
  • Impressive game graphics.
  • Interesting business model.
  • Conquer to explore all types of trains.

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