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IELTS Speaking PRO MOD APK v3.6 (Premium Unlocked)

IELTS Speaking PRO MOD APK v3.6 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 28-10-2023 (9 months ago)
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About IELTS Speaking Pro – 2023 MOD APK

Improve your IELTS Speaking score with the IELTS Speaking Pro MOD APK application. With common speaking practice topics in the IELTS test and a very standard set of English speech recognition functions, a high IELTS score is not too far away for you.

Standard voice test topics

More than ten sets of three test questions in IELTS Speaking with highly diverse topics and close to the current exam format. Issues revolve around the environment, daily life, work, and other topics such as conversation, politics, school… Each case has the correct time limit for the exam. IELTS Speaking helps you time your test preparation at home accurately.

Good reading sample

The application also provides a set of international standard reading samples with a variety of topics in various fields of life to help you gain more knowledge about vocabulary and sentences, from which you will have a part in preparing an international standard speech and improve the value of your address during the presentation of the IELTS Speaking test. In addition, the application also provides a set of high-score speaking practice tests for you to refer to new vocabulary and to add good sentence patterns for your speaking test.

Professional voice recognition and grading

The application’s voice recognition and grading functions are highly standard and professional. After completing all the parts of the test, each speaking test topic you choose will have the speaking results for your test. The application will display your speaking band score and detailed comments on your speaking test to help you improve your reading and speaking test.

Provide helpful speaking test tips

.Thanks to the application’s part-by-part tutorials, You can discover more high-band speaking test tips. Each part you practice with the application provides many details on how to answer the elements in the standard speaking test and get a total score in each speaking part. Your speaking test is more attractive and saves you preparation when you prepare for the speaking test. The application will help you solve the situation when you encounter a complex topic that you have never known.

Upgrade package use

To experience the full features of the application and practice with more than ten extremely standard speaking test sets, you need to upgrade the application package with a pre-set fee when you choose the upgrade package to use. With the upgrade package, you can study anywhere, study anywhere, and improve your speaking test exceptionally quickly with the test set and your speaking test comments, helping your band progress. Your score keeps getting better and better. The upgrade package provides you with many more convenient functions when you choose to use it.

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