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Participate in the fight to protect peace and justice in today’s hottest role-playing game ILLUSION CONNECT APK. Download the latest version for Android now to get more free resources and unlock all the skins of the characters.


Different from South Korea which is famous for role-playing games with advanced graphics, Japanese manufacturers are still pursuing role-playing games with 3D graphics and cute female characters anime. Recently, Superprism Technology Co., Ltd has released the role-playing game called ILLUSION CONNECT. This is a role-playing game that allows players to build characters, create squads, and participate in battles to protect the call of justice. With great graphics and effects, right after the release, ILLUSION CONNECT has created a fever in the gaming community.

Illusion Connect APK


ILLUSION CONNECT is set in a beautiful fantasy world called Dream Realm. By using the connection of dreams, humans can come and explore the Dream Realm. However, this beautiful but also dangerous mysterious world contains creatures known as Nightmares. Through dreams, they can penetrate human memories with a plot to destroy all of humanity. Facing such a situation, Lenses granted a group of people with special powers known as the Radiant. With that ability, they are the only ones who can resist those mysterious creatures. And the battle between the Radiants and Nightmares officially begins.


Illusion Connect APK Download

ILLUSION CONNECT can be seen as an extremely fast-paced turn-based combat role-playing game. Coming to this game, you will be held as the commander of the Radiants and direct them in battles. Use a specific strategy and build the optimal Radiant team to save time. This way also helps you win faster.

Starting a battle, you will be choosing your opponent. In the ILLUSION CONNECT, the match is played in 18 boxes positions. Each side is allowed to use 9 boxes (In which there are two boxes for the default position of the main character you control and boss). You can arrange the position of the remaining 8 spaces or let the characters go to battle one by one. It all depends on your strategy. In addition, the matches in this game are not too long, only lasting for 3 minutes. This also helps players not feel repetitive, boring.

Rewards after winning in ILLUSION CONNECT are also varied. You will receive resources, items, coins, or diamonds in a random amount.


What I like very much about ILLUSION CONNECT is that the character system is extremely detailed and uniquely designed. There are over 50 characters with different styles. They are built to resemble anime characters with their own origin story and personality. The Radiants are also divided into several levels according to the letter R, SR, SSR, and in which it is also divided by the number of stars. Of which, Radiant possesses an SSR rating and has three of the strongest stars. In addition, ILLUSION CONNECT also provides a lot of detailed figures and Radiants such as height, weight, hobbies, birthdays, … The more you know about the Radiants you own, the more you will help you. Making most of the Radiants’ abilities in battle.

The house of the Radiants

Illusion Connect

The more times you use a Radiant, the more bond you have with that Radiant. The stronger this bond of power is, the easier it will be to combat the Nightmares. To increase this bond, you can build a house for the Radiants so they can rest and enjoy life outside of combat. Build and customize your home with a variety of furniture and paint colors to your liking. You can buy furniture in the game store.


Right from the first images revealed, ILLUSION CONNECT has conquered the hearts of many gamers thanks to its shimmering graphics. The characters, especially female characters, are meticulously designed, beautiful, from sexy to innocent, lovely. It can be said that the character design part is one of the most outstanding features of ILLUSION CONNECT. The effect of the game is also very impressive, the characters are flexible and flexible.


To install the ILLUSION CONNECT APK, you need to do some of the steps below.

  1. Download the ILLUSION CONNECT APK + OBB file below this article.
  2. Unzip the OBB file and move it to the Android/Obb folder.
  3. Proceed to install the APK.
  4. Open and enjoy.

Download ILLUSION CONNECT APK for Android

It can be said that ILLUSION CONNECT is one of the most desirable role-playing games. With a unique storyline, high-quality graphics, and many other cool things waiting for you to discover. If you love role-playing games and are interested in ILLUSION CONNECT APK, download now via the link below to install it for free.

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