Infinity Dungeons MOD APK v0.7.9.2 (Unlimited Money)

Update on June 21, 2022 (2 years ago)

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Join Infinity Dungeons MOD APK and discover the mysteries surrounding the dungeon. Players will take the role of a character in the story and participate in interactions with other characters. Explore the dungeons where dangerous monsters are waiting for you, ready to fight or choose to tame them. The deeper you go into the game, the more you feel that all the events that happen are related to each other. They strung together like a story in which you are the main character. Will you be able to overcome all the challenges and complete the assigned tasks? Although newly launched, Infinity Dungeons has attracted a certain number of participants.


At the beginning of the game you will meet the guy Cthulhu, it is strange that he is a talking cat. Cthulhu was originally a magician, but he was carelessly defeated in one battle, receiving a curse that sealed his powers and sent his soul into a cat. With the body of a cat, it will be very difficult for Cthulhu to break the curse, because it has to go a long way to find the items to remove the curse one by one. So he has met you and wants your help. Under Cthulhu’s guidance, the two set out together to explore the world and regain lost powers. In return you get a lot of rewards and supernatural wisdom.


In the magical world that Cthulhu leads you to, nothing is out of the ordinary. Every creature can attack you even the cutest. There are many different types of monsters, which are gradually raised from easy to difficult levels. Besides the mysteries that need brainstorming to discover, the monsters will be the biggest obstacle that Infinity Dungeons brings to you. Every time you encounter monsters, you can choose to fight or run away from them. If you win the battle, of course you will receive a suitable reward.


Along the way, Cthulhu will show you what to do as well as what to collect. Sometimes they don’t appear right in front of your eyes, but you have to find them to get them. Items can be used to increase strength, but there are also items that are the key to the next door. Anything unused can be stored in your bag, when you need to open the bag and find it.

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