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Introducing Iron Blade APK

Gameloft is a game publisher that has been around for more than 15 years with many quality game products. Not only released on many PC platforms, but Gameloft’s mobile games are also extremely high quality and are warmly welcomed by the gaming community. And today, we will go learn about Iron Blade – a project that this publisher has cherished for a long time. Gameloft always knows how to create, breakthroughs with newer games with new genres. So we can fully count on Iron Blade with this magical adventure style.

The origin of the legend

The story of Iron Blade is inspired by a true story in the history of France. The fourth king Philip was now in huge debt to the organization “Knights of the Temple Order” but he could not afford it. Pressed to the end, Philip decided to sign with the demon king Baal and was governed by the demon king. The fourth king decided to issue an order to kill all of the knights of the organization. Even, under the guidance of the demon king, he mobilized an army of hell and made the people of France drown in misery. At this time, the last knight of the organization that survived, named Damian, decided to use up his abilities and his life against King Philip and the army of Demon King Baal.

Attractive role-playing adventure game

Iron Blade APK

Iron Blade is an action role-playing game with an adventurous medieval setting. Players will play as Damina with the sole goal of fighting against the dark army to bring peace to the kingdom. Participating in this game, you will enjoy bloody battles with an arena full of soldiers. Fight until your last breath and until all the enemies are dead.


The attack in Iron Blade is very simple. Because this is a mobile game, you just need to touch the right side of the screen to swing your sword. If using the bow and arrow as the main weapon, just swipe towards the enemy to change the target and shoot the arrow. You not only attack, but you also have to defend against the enemy’s counterattacks. There is also an attack icon on the screen, using this button allows your character to perform special attacks. But also keep in mind, activating a special skill requires recovery time and cannot be used continuously.

Iron Blade APK

What I really like about Iron Blade – Medieval Legends is the automated scrolling controls. My job only needs to be concerned with the attack, defense, and counterattack. This is extremely suitable and effective for combat moves that are more flexible and crazy. Depending on your play style will create new moves, making the game more attractive.

Iron Blade Mode

The main mode in Iron Blade – Medieval Legends is a story mode. Where players earn more resources, gain experience as well as discover hidden secrets in the story. In addition, Iron Blade – Medieval Legends also provides players with many other attractive modes such as online PvP mode, PVE…

Upgrade weapons and equipment

Iron Blade APK

Like other role-playing games, your character can change a variety of weapons and equipment (common such as knives, swords, bows…). During fights, your weapons and equipment will gain some experience points to level up. But personally, they level up pretty slowly this way. So I recommend you still upgrade by pairing the same tier items to get higher-level items.

Great 3D graphics

With the works of Gameloft, we no longer have to doubt the quality of graphics that these works bring. The setting, the environment, is very well handled with medieval, ghostly, and classic styles. Meticulous character design, smooth motion, and beautiful battle effects.

Download Iron Blade APK for Android

If you are passionate about crazy action role-playing games, you should not miss Iron Blade. The game is currently being released on both Android and iOS platforms, or you can download the APK version using the link we provide below.