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Update on July 30, 2022 (2 years ago)

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Experience Japanese-style car racing in Japan Drag Racing 2D MOD APK. This is a game of the Racing genre on mobile devices for ages 3 and up. Are you ready to join and overcome all challenges? Immerse yourself in the game and live life to the fullest with a passion for speed!

About Japan Drag Racing 2D MOD APK

Japan Drag Racing 2D MOD APK

Perhaps for a long time, racing games have become an indispensable entertainment tool for the community of video game lovers. We feel familiar with long races, many opponents, right? It’s time to experience something new. Coming to Japan Drag Racing 2D in each level, you will only need to compete with a single opponent. But don’t let that make you think it’s easy. Because it’s only a short race, if you lose your guard, in a split second your opponent can pass you and reach the finish line first. The feeling of a close victory will make your heart extremely impatient. Since its launch, the appigrdev publisher’s game has attracted tens of thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store. Although some players left comments that they wished the game could pose more challenges, most of them still gave positive praise for Japan Drag Racing 2D. Don’t waste your time wondering and wondering. Quickly download the game and experience racing in Japanese style.

Many car models

Compared to many other racing games, the treasure trove of car models that Japan Drag Racing 2D provides is quite diverse. Mainly these models are inspired by famous Japanese automakers. Of course, Japanese cars have no words to criticize! From the classic AE86-124HP to the modern EJ2-140HP. Especially the INTEGRA-180HP model with low chassis, extremely luxurious white wheels. If you want to exchange for a higher-end model car, you need a lot of money. Try to participate in as many races as possible. Winning is the only way to get a lot of money. Investing in a new car is absolutely necessary because it will make it easier for you to win.

Upgrade car parts

Japan Drag Racing 2D MOD APK

In addition to upgrading the car model, Japan Drag Racing 2D also allows players to upgrade by item, it will be less expensive but the effect is still very good. In particular, the game separates into many different parts in turn from tires, ECUs, pistons, air filters, exhaust pipes, clutches,… In each of these parts, there are levels of upgrades. different, the higher the grade, the more expensive the price. However, price always goes hand in hand with quality, right? Don’t waste money when investing because it helps you get back that much.

Design your car’s exterior

An indispensable part is the design of the tire, right? Japan Drag Racing 2D provides a diverse color palette for you to choose the color you want. In addition, players can also design decals with car borders, paint pictures on the car,… There is also a combination of patterns for you to choose from, it can be as simple as text or pictures, symbols naughty. Freedom to create your dream car without any limitations. When driving a car that shows our own style, of course, we also have more confidence, right?

Join the races

Japan Drag Racing 2D MOD APK

As I mentioned at the beginning, the races of Japan Drag Racing 2D are Japanese style. It’s a solo race, with only you and one opponent on the track. There is also no terrain change, just running on a straight line. Whoever gets to the finish line in the shortest time will be the winner. In addition, the sooner you reach the finish line, the more rewards you will receive. Race hard to enjoy your own achievements. Break all time limits.

Easy-to-use control screen

Because we only race on a straight track, we do not need a direction adjustment key. On the adjustment screen, there is only the accelerator button to increase the speed. There are also three gauges that measure the speed, power and rotational frequency of the wheel hub. If you do not calculate and prepare well car parts, your energy can run out very quickly because of high speed. If you run out before your opponent, you will definitely lose.

Simple graphics

The graphics of Japan Drag Racing 2D are not too sophisticated. The 2D strokes are just enough for you to imagine how everything works. The color of the game is mainly represented on the car if you redesign it. In general, the graphics of this game are not appreciated by its other features.

The need to use money in this game will be great because no matter from upgrading, retrofitting, changing cars, designs,… you also need to use money. Coming to the Japan Drag Racing 2D MOD APK version that we provide, you will not need to hesitate when shopping. Because of the unlimited money feature, your reward will be doubled. Carefreely upgrading to the highest level without looking at its price, that’s a cool feeling, isn’t it?

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