Juicy Realm MOD APK 3.1.5 (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 18/08/2021 (2 months ago)

Latest Version3.1.5
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0 +
PublisherX.D. Network
PackageGoogle Play Link

In Juicy Realm MOD APK, take players to the plant world. Many years in the future plants begin to show signs of more limbs. They begin to become aware of and become a threat to humans. As the food processing factory becomes increasingly short of raw materials processed from plants. No one expected, these little creatures to evolve so quickly.

Introducing Juicy Realm MOD APK

Juicy Realm MOD APK

Juicy Realm is a shooting RPG developed by X.D. Network, a developer from China. The adventurers have ventured into the kingdom of trees to fight them to protect humanity. Everyone knows about the game Plants vs. Zombies, the battle between trees and zombies. Plants have long known how to fight. In Juicy Realm, too, they rebel against humans. Can adventurers protect humanity? Let’s see how they fight.


Juicy Realm MOD APK

If the player is accustomed to thinking that plants will fight zombies to protect humans, this time will be the opposite. Trees will stand up again to fight humans. One of the first explorers to discover a plant empire. You must constantly go into their lair to defeat the bizarre fruit. Not only that, along the way, but you must also always add weapons to protect yourself. If you can’t defeat the overwhelming destructive force of the plant army alone, invite a few friends to lend a hand and help you uncover the secrets behind this strange new world.


This game is great for both gameplay and graphics. Cute graphic style from small characters. The graphics are nice and polished, and there are many unique enemies and weapons to play with. The characters can be unlocked by playing. If you don’t know, the game is a roguelike shooter with the auto-targeting feature, so it’s perfect for those who are lazy to aim.

Juicy Realm MOD APK version

MOD feature

  • Immortality: In this version, players will be immortal when fighting with plants.


I recommend that you try to play this game at least 1 time because it is really attractive. I used to sit all day just to play this game, there are many interesting and challenging things waiting for us in this game. The game is not heavy at all and very easy to manipulate, easy to play, easy to understand. If you are looking for a light and entertaining RPG, the Juicy Realm MOD APK is really the choice for you.

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